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Is Sculptra® the answer for that perfect butt lift? Find here!

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Sculptra®, in simple words, is a bio-stimulant that’s used for restoring soft-tissue volume loss. Also called PLLA (poly-L-lacticacid, the treatment was initially aimed at treating severe soft tissue and volume loss, but is now available for cosmetic needs. Today, many people associate Sculptra more with a butt lift that does not require any surgery or doesn’t involve complicated procedures. In this post, we are discussing further about Clinique Anti Aging butt lift and things you need to know.

Is Sculptra® same as dermal fillers?

No, Sculptra® doesn’t work in the same way as Hyaluronic acid fillers. While it is injected in the same way like a filler, it is a bio-stimulant and not a filler. To make things simple, think of Sculptra® as a treatment that offers the same results as fillers, but not as immediately. Sculptra® works by stimulating the production of collagen, and it happens over a period of time and in a gentle way. As such, you will see firmness in the skin that will last considerably long, often as long as two years. If you are seeking fuller, plumper appearance for a longer duration, this is a better choice than fillers.

How many sessions are required for butt lift?

Volume loss is different for every person, but as we age, the loss is more apparent, which is why we have depressions and dimples on the butt with age. As such, mature people need more sessions of Sculptra® than others, although the final decision will be taken after deciding the amount of volume lost. In most cases, two sessions are required at the very least, with a gap of around one month between the sessions. During this period, the bio-stimulant will work by stimulating the production of collagen and improving the hollows, dimples and depressions of the butt.

Further treatment and follow up

Bio stimulants and fillers require correction and maintenance from time to time. In general, the benefits of Sculptra® will last for about two years, but it is recommended that you seek an appointment in between for maintenance. Besides the butt, Sculptra® can be considered for other parts of the body, as well, including face, arms and legs. Make sure that you select a known and reliable clinic for the treatment, because the expertise of the doctors and skin experts also matters in achieving the results.

For more information, find a clinic that specializes in Sculptra® butt lift near you!