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Best Tips for Treating Melasma Naturally

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One of the most common skin conditions that affect mostly women is known as melasma. Most of the time women with melasma experience this condition due to their pregnancy. Pregnancy, birth control pills, and anything else that can mess with the balance of your hormones can cause melasma to show.

Melasma often shows up on areas of the face like the chin, cheeks, nose, and forehead. When it shows up it creates dark patches around your face. As you can imagine this can be embarrassing for any woman who has it.

This skin condition will become worse when the affected area is exposed to the sun. The sun’s rays will usually trigger melasma is some people which is why wearing a good sunscreen is vital when it comes to preventing flare ups of melasma.

Even though melasma isn’t a serious condition it can make living a healthy social life difficult. This is because the discoloration it causes makes your face look uneven and less attractive. Some women turn to make up in order to hide the skin discoloration but it often doesn’t help much.

Melasma Treatment

In order to treat melasma there are certain things you can do to help your skin. As mentioned earlier, one of these things you can do involves applying sunscreen to your face so that the rays from the sun don’t trigger or make the melasma worse than it already is.

When you’re choosing sunscreen make sure you choose one that has an SPF of 30 or above. Make sure you apply the sunscreen of your choice regularly throughout the day even when you’re inside the house. The only time you don’t have to apply your sunscreen as much is when it’s winter time and the sun isn’t out as much.

Another tip for treating melasma involves avoiding the use of make up and cleansers that could irritate the problem. According to, people with this hyper-pigmentation can get away with applying make up and other skin care products without making the dark patches on their face worse. However, to be on the safe side it’s a good idea to just avoid all of them until you get it under better control.

If you have melasma one of the best ways to treat it is to apply skin lightening creams that help fade away the dark patches. These creams often contain skin lightening ingredients that have to be applied regularly to stop the production of the melasma beneath the surface of your skin.

Other than natural melasma treatments there are also medical treatments like laser therapy and chemical peels. These medical treatments are effective and can help but they can be expensive if you don’t have thousands of dollars to invest in it.

If you have melasma don’t give up because there are various things you can do to clear your skin up. Hopefully, the treatments we’ve mentioned above can help you become free from melasma for the rest of your life.