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Deal effectively with wrinkles by visiting a dermatologist

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Growing old is inevitable as it is a process that begins the minute a person is born. For some reason, all humans wants to remain young and will do whatever it takes to remain youthful in all ways. One of the way to feel young is to look young. As the years creep in, you will notice your skin will be the first to show signs that you are not young anymore. As it continues to lose elasticity, your skin will start forming wrinkles.

Thankfully, researchers continue to find ways to squeeze a few more years of looking young. You can use creams and other cosmetic applications to keep away wrinkles and other skin blemishes that come with old age. These solutions require you constantly apply them as the wrinkles show up once you stop. You can talk to your dermatologist to find other solutions that will work for you. Most of the cosmetic dermatology San Franciscosolutions give you a youthful skin for a long time after.


Best cosmetic dermatologist San Francisco will recommend Botox treatment in getting rid of wrinkles. The dermatologist will inject the Botox into the muscles of the face. The injection will immobilize the facial muscles therefore reduce the folding of the skin that comes from movement of this muscle.  This treatment will take effect usually after a week and will last to up to 8 months.

This option maintains a youthful face and saves you from applying creams and other concoctions to keep the wrinkles at bay. You do not have to undergo painful surgical procedures that pull back the skin. The procedure takes a few minutes to complete and you do not need a recovery period thereafter.


They work the same as botox with the only difference being that the dermatologist will inject fillers to fill the wrinkle. The fillers are injected in the underlying tissue to fill out the wrinkles and folds that occur. You can have fillers injected into your cheeks and lips for a youthful look. The best way to enjoy this cosmetic dermatology San Francisco is to ensure you get a skilled and experienced professional to undertake it.

Some of the fillers may have ingredients that may not react well with your body especially if you have underlying medical conditions. Having an expert handle them keeps you safe as such will only use fillers that will not trigger any adverse reactions.

Laser surgery

You can also deal effectively with wrinkles by undergoing procedures such as laser surgery and chemical peels. The best cosmetic dermatologist in San Francisco will use these procedures to peel away the different layers of the skin to get rid of the wrinkle. Laser use is a favorable option for many as the laser can accurately target the problem area.

The dermatologist will focus the laser beam only on the wrinkle therefore not damage the skin surrounding the wrinkle. This is good as it will reduce the amount of time you will recover.