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 India-Best Destination for Complex Skin Treatment

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India is the most preferred destination for various types of treatments for foreigners. India is earning a lot of revenue through medical tourism. Medical tourism is a process by which people from all over the world tour to India for enjoying their vacation along with treatment for various ailments. From alopecia to cancer, from cancer to skin ailments, they receive treatments from the best doctors in India. Talking about the charges, they charge very nominal amount for the treatments they recommend for their patients.

The low cost of medical treatment in India is due to the prevalence of low wages in India. We can understand this with a small example. Why do people go to the UK and the US to work? It is very much important to note, in this context, that even the US Joint commission International accredited hospitals in India or those hospitals accredited by the national accreditation board for Hospitals extend medical services far better than those available in the US.

Medical tourism is booming in Delhi, India. Majority of people visit Delhi for skin treatments. There are two main reasons behind foreigners visit this place. Delhi is a famous tourist attraction, there are  number of places to visit in delhi and  you also get world class treatments at the affordable cost. The only thing you have to do is, to call the clinics and get a prior appointment to consult the respective skin specialist in Delhi.

Delhi -the capital city of India is the most preferred destination for foreigners because it is the capital city of this country. These foreigners can visit lots of places in this capital city. Starting with Sansad Bhavan, Rastrapathi Bhavan, Connaught place, this city is a treat to everyone’s eyes. This place is a treasure hunt for many people who love visiting new places and learning new things. Another reason is that lots of people in this place talk English which facilitates an effective communication between the doctors and patients.

Skin treatments for which foreigners come to India are:

  1. Vitiligo treatment: Vitiligo is a medical condition whereby the patient loses the pigment of a particular area and after some time, it can spread throughout the body. As a result, the patient develops white patches all over his body. This can be controlled by steroid creams, light therapy, that can control this disease to some extent. Of late, the doctors are administering a drug called tofacitinib citrate that helps the patient to successfully get the color back through repigmentation of that affected part of the body. Some of the other methods are:
  2. A) Blister grafting: Through suction, many blisters are formed in the areas of the body which has coloring pigment and the top portion of the blisters are cut to be transplanted to the discolored skin.
  3. B) Grafting: Even though, some areas of the skin might have lost pigments, there may be some areas that have pigments. Such portions are removed to be grafted in the parts that lack pigment. This method is called grafting.
  4. C) Tattooing: When the skin loses pigment, a surgical procedure is followed to inject pigments into the body. This is called as Tattooing.

There are many doctors throughout India who provide this kind of treatments to the patients. Before approaching these doctors seek advice from many patients who have successfully undergone a treatment under those doctors. Seek advice from your friends or peers. There many a lot of feedback from the satisfied patients on the internet, Read the feedbacks carefully to reach a conclusion as to whom to consult.

2) Anti-aging treatment: We grow older year after year. There are certain people who can’t accept this fact and want to look young always. For them, there are lots of skin treatment to prevent them from aging. They are:

  1. A) Chemical Peel: As the name rightly suggests, the chemical peel is a process by which the top layer of the skin is removed using chemical and is replaced with rejuvenated skin that is softer and has fewer wrinkles in it.
  2. B) Fillers: As people age, the body’s collagen production is reduced that causes wrinkles appear on our face and body. Wrinkles are reduced using Dermafillers.

3) Varicose vein treatment: Using saline injections, many unwanted veins are taken out by the dermatologists.

4) Facelifting: This will help the patient to look attractive and young as it helps to reduce wrinkles that appear on your face. If you need in depth information about Facelifting then please Visit.

5) Tattoo removing: Using laser treatment, we can get rid of unwanted tattoos from your body.

6) Laser restructuring: This is a process that helps to improve the appearance of a person by getting rid of the wrinkles and to get a flawless appearance that makes you look beautiful.


In short, India is one of the most preferred destinations for different kinds of skin treatments all over the world.  People from different foreign countries fly to India attracted by the high-quality treatments at low costs in our country. And in India you will find good and experienced skin specialist in Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai and Chennai etc. As a result, India is earning a lot of foreign currency because of medical tourism.

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