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What is Chiropractic?

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Chiropractic refers to a medical profession that focuses specifically on the spine and joints. The actual meaning of the word, Chiropractic, refers to the use of the hand or to operate by hand. This type of practice is done by a Chiropractor, someone who has been taught and studied the profession of working the spine by hand. The focus of this practice is on the various disorders involving the musculoskeletal region, the spine and the surrounding muscles.

This type of practice focuses on using therapies, patient preferences, and manual adjustments to correct any disorders their patient may have and do so without modern medication. For many people suffering from disorders surrounding their spine, they find chiropractic care to be the preferred method of treatment. The goal of this practice is to take advantage of natural practices around the spine and avoid the overuse of modern medication.

The entire Chiropractic process begins with consultations that use x-rays and other imaging to diagnose the disorder. This is essential for our Chiropractor to find the source of the pain and begin treating the disorder. Once the disorder has been diagnosed, our Chiropractor will use hands-on methods to treat the diagnosis and encourage pain relief for the patient. This will include some form of an adjustment that will alleviate any nerve pressure and promote pain relief.

What type of educational requirements are expected of a Chiropractor?

A Chiropractor is the licensed doctor of the adjustments and manual treatments that are conducted as a part of Chiropractic treatment. Each adjustment is unique to the patient, depending on their neck pain, back pain, or other ailments they may have and need assistance with. These doctors are required to obtain a Doctors of Chiropractic (DoC) from an approved institution throughout the United States. Like their medical counterparts, these Chiropractors are required to complete state regulations, training, and field experience before they begin practicing on their own. They are taught the benefits of hands-on treatment as well as healthy and nutritional living to positively coach their patients into a healthier lifestyle.

What conditions do Chiropractors treat?

Chiropractors often treat a variety of conditions. They include the following:

  • Back pain
  • Neck pain
  • Headaches
  • Joint Pain
  • Poor Posture

Whether the patient was born with a spinal injury or suffered it during a car accident, these types of conditions can develop from a variety of sources and should be treated based upon how they were received and how long ago the damage was done. Many who suffer falls, car accidents, or other traumas find themselves seeking the treatment of a Chiropractor because they seek a solution not being provided. Modern medicine is only satiating the pain temporarily and not solving the problem.

Many of our patients are athletes who have damaged their spine over time or during a traumatic injury. Our facility offers a rehab therapy that is designed specifically for these patients and getting them back on the road to recovery. Corrective exercises and physiotherapy techniques promote pain relief and reverse nerve damage, developing a solution to the pain.

When they enter our office, they are provided with a variety of services from therapies and massages to manual adjustments to assist with their spinal care and manipulation. Should our Chiropractors find the patient’s condition to be beyond our control, we will consult and refer the patient to a medical specialist for further assistance.

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