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Natural Beauty Tips for a Younger and Glowing Skin

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It’s important to take care of your skin to avoid certain skin related diseases that results in a brighter skin. Different skin needs different needs because they would be dealing with different skin related complications. It’s recommended to identify the skin tone and take necessary action for a beautiful, radiant, and a youthful skin.

Here are the beauty tips from Duri that helps to make your skin toned and looks stunning:

A.         Tips for oily skin

This type of skin would be bothersome to deal with and the troubles are endless, but it could be cleared with the right care and proper treatment for charming and glowing skin.

Common distresses

It includes abrasive skin that has enlarged pores and dull appearance because of excess oil production in your skin. This impacts your skin and makes it greasy polish in appearance, and often blemishes, acne, white heads, blackheads, and dark spots are spotted when you have oily skin.


  • Maintain a balanced diet that includes plenty of fruits and vegetables, and try to cut off the junk and oily foods
  • Keep your face skin clean and this helps to keep away the excessive acne and oil production

B.         Tips for dry skin

Don’t think just having oily skin is a pain, having dry skin is not an easy path to walk! Having dry skin is quite uncomfortable and during winter and extreme cold temperature, it would be difficult to handle. It results in extreme intense pain if not taken proper care.

Troubles faced

Dry skin has a fine texture that results in the dullness of skin, but when taken a closer look it might appear as granulated sections around the mouth, eyes, and forehead corners. It can become brittle and if neglected it can form wrinkles with age.


  • Never take shower without applying the moisturizer
  • Don’t take shower using hot water
  • Use soft towel to dry your body after the shower

C.         Tips for combination skin

This kind of skin has both good and bad qualities and combination skin has a mixture of both dry and oily skin characteristics, such as large pores, itching, breakouts, and redness on your cheeks.

Common trouble areas

Your face might be having trouble with both types of skin that depends upon the climatic conditions and also a type of skin is dominant.


  • Keep your skin clean and clear that prevent oily zones from catching an infection.
  • Buy a perfect moisturizer that suits your skin and don’t keep altering the moisturizer if your skin is responding for the current moisturizer.
  • Use the right quantity of moisturizer that depends on your skin and climatic conditions, an excess amount of moisturizer can cause problems that will lead to other skin complications.

D.        Tips for cleansing

Your skin gets exposed to pollution, dust, smoke and results in skin dullness and dryness. Cleansing the skin helps to maintain your skin radiance and results in a youthful glowing skin. Exfoliating and cleansing help to remove the dead skin completely and gives a smooth and fresh skin. Make sure you do scrubbing once in a while using Duri beauty products and if your skin is oilier then you can increase the scrubbing twice in a week.