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Signs You Need Adaptogens

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There are times when you go through a huge amount of stress, but you don’t realize about it. You go through panic attacks, severe chest burns, heart-attack like symptoms and shortness of breath, but all your reports are normal. You are then told to consult a psychiatrist and when they ask you about what stress you are going through, you have nothing to share with them. You tell them, straight away, that things are fine and you have absolutely no stress at all; however, at the back of your mind (or in your subconscious mind), there are a lot of things going on due to which you go through worst side-effects of stress.

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Stress is the root cause of a lot of diseases, including heart-attack. There are a lot of life-threatening diseases that you may go through because of anxiety and stress. Also, how can we ever forget depression? Those who are stressed for a longer period of time often lead to the shadow of depression. They even isolate themselves and stick to being alone, instead of socializing or spending time with their loved ones.

But don’t panic – with the help of the right kind of adaptogen, you can get rid of all the stress that you have in your mind and be at peace from within.

How do you know if you need adaptogens? What are the signs?

The first sign is that constant shortness of breath that you are going through. It is a symptom of panic attacks and thus, you must begin with adaptogens to bring out the best mood for yourself.

The second sign is the isolation that you are surrounded with. It doesn’t matter if it is by choice or the only option left in your hands, there are ways in which you can pull yourself out and socialize once again.

The third sign is the anxiety attacks that you go through. Shivering hands, palpitations, tightness in neck and other such abnormal feelings are nothing but panic attacks caused by severe stress and anxiety.

The fourth sign is a sudden change in your blood pressure; whether it has suddenly hiked or lowered down, it may be a sign that you need adaptogens to bring down your stress levels.