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The Importance of Replacing a Missing Tooth

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A few years ago, people with missing tooth had to choose from bridges, dentures, or partial dentures to fix the gap in their smile. Though these replacement options did their jobs, they were not comfortable. But now, with years of success, dental implants have become the most realistic, safe and durable option. Why do dentists always propose filling the space left by missing teeth?

Before answering this, let us first see what exactly are dental implants anyway? A dental implant is a tiny titanium alloy screw that is extremely strong, placed surgically into the jawbone replacing the natural teeth root. It is drilled into the jawbone to make sure the screw firmly connects the customised tooth. Dental implants are also used to hold the dentures. Now that we know what exactly a dental implant is, let us now talk about the importance of replacing missing teeth.


It might sound superficial to people who have all their teeth. But, missing even one tooth can put you in loads of stress. Every one of us is concerned about our looks. Missing a tooth will affect our confidence. For some, it could also lead to depression that prevents them from interacting with their peers fearing their missing teeth may affect their personality.

By investing in affordable dental implants cost Sydney, you can enjoy the full smile that positively affects your physical appearance.

General Health

When you lose a tooth, the stability of your dental structure is altered. The hole left behind will allow other teeth, particularly the adjoining ones to tilt to shift positions even as a result of regular chewing action. This can lead to a whole lot of oral issues down the line. The jawbone beneath the missing tooth will also deteriorate with time, missing any stimulation with chewing actions. This can lead to bone loss. This will make you look older than your age with sunken facial features.

Dental implants Sydney not just replace the lost tooth but also the root of it. Hence it will also stimulate the jawbone at the same time while supporting chewing action. As a result, the jawbone will retain to be healthy and sturdy. Furthermore, dental implants fill the gap left behind by the missing teeth so the adjacent ones will no longer shift positions.

The Comfort Level

With all your teeth intact, you will have no idea of how it will feel when a tough bit of food comes in-between the exposed root of the missing molars. It does feel very uncomfortable to experience this type of situation! When it happens every time you eat, people generally tend to ignore the food they previously loved just to escape the discomfort. Losing the ability to eat your favourite food can prevent you from enjoying the large a part of your life!

Dental implants are strong replacements for your missing teeth. They will help you munch all your favourite foods. They will help you enjoy any food you love. Invest in affordable affordable dental implants cost Sydney get the smile of your dreams, be confident and enjoy your life.