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What Differences Can Addicts Expect From A New Rehab Program?

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Patients can find a new rehab program that meets their needs and doesn’t use sin as a justification for unwanted changes. Religion-based programs don’t provide the same principles and tools to fight addiction. Science-based programs offer something unique and don’t use the blame game.

How Does Detox Work?

Detoxification in a traditional setting is more clinical than a science-based program. The staff places the patient in a room to sweat out the substances, and the individual is monitored for dehydration and seizures. A science-based approach doesn’t lock the patient away. The patients can walk around inside the rehab center and go to counseling or visit with others. They have access to food and non-alcoholic beverages at any time. The patients don’t feel as though they are imprisoned.

What Type of Counseling is provided?

Behavior modification therapy is just one of the ways that patients are treated. It helps them recognize behavior patterns that lead to using drugs or alcohol. Typically, these behaviors are based on self-doubt or negative thought processes. The counselors show the patients a new way to retrain their brain to deal with negative thought patterns. This helps the individual change their way of thinking and more positive ways to look at life. ARC Rehab provides a wealth of counseling opportunities that treat addiction more proactively.

Working With Staff to Become Healthier

All patients start a new exercise and diet program. The care plan helps them get their bodies in better shape and try to heal some of the damage caused by addiction. It can address health concerns such as malnutrition, obesity, and event existing health conditions that can be controlled their diet. Each patient completes their program with the help of the staff and counselors.

Encouragement and Motivation

All staff members and patients provide encouragement and motivation to recover successfully. The rehab centers program a more positive environment for everyone to recover without judgments and negativity. Patients can work together to recover from their addiction and form lasting bonds. The staff can provide counseling at any time to help the addicts recover more effectively.

Staying in the Rehab

Unlike traditional rehab, each patient gets a private room that is designed like apartment living. This can help them get the support they need to change their lives. Counselors help the individuals make better life choices and start on new career paths. The individuals can stay at the facility while they make these changes. It is not the same as traditional rehab where the individual must live in a short period of time and start their life without support.

Ongoing Counseling after Rehab

Counselors are still available to the patients even after the program has ended. This helps the patients improve their rate of success. It is not the same as AA or NA where the individual has a sponsor. However, a sponsor can also prove helpful for individuals who are fighting addiction.

Addicts find a new way to treat addiction through science-based programs. The programs don’t use religion to control the individual but use science to identify negative changes in the brain. Patients can learn more about these differences by scheduling an appointment with a counselor now.