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For when you get hurt on the job…

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It happens to all of us, no matter how careful we are. Sometimes we get hurt while working. If this ever happens to you, know what to do next. Your employer will carry Workers Compensation Insurance which will cover the costs of your medical treatment and will pay you certain benefits if you have to stop working for a while after you get hurt on the job. Should you ever get hurt while working, you should know which doctors you should see because this can make the difference between suffering for a longer period of time, and getting the medical treatment you need to recover the way you should! If you live in Indiana, you should research OWCP doctors in Indianapolis because they are the best doctors who are trained to treat people who get hurt on the job, like you!

What is so special about DOL Doctors?

The OWCP doctors work at a clinic called DOL Doctors Indianapolis. They are the doctors you should see if you live in Indianapolis and are ever hurt at work because they are trained in treating your types of injuries to ensure that you return to work in mint condition as soon as possible. If you are hurt on the job, you should know that you have the right to choose a doctor to treat you, so why not choose one with specialized education and experience in terms of treating those who are injured on the job? The doctors who work at this clinic are Board Certified. This means they have insights from their specialized and elite training to spot and treat any issues, and/or complications which may result in the future from your current injury. This gives you the opportunity to recover from your injury the way you need to. Additionally, their staff and supporting staff is very compassionate, kind, caring, and supportive towards your medical and emotional needs!

Their services

DOL Doctors Indianapolis offers a comprehensive array of services for patients who have been hurt on the job. This ranges from medical exams to x-rays, to trigger point injections, to peripheral neuropathy. The doctors use these services and medical treatments in an integrated and holistic approach to healing your entire body while attempting to treat those parts of your body which have been hurt while working. This approach ensures that you are healed, back at your best, and back to work in no time at all. The services like peripheral neuropathy include nerve pain therapy treatments which work wonders for Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy (RSD). this is an excruciatingly painful type of nerve pain which can be very debilitating for its sufferers. The treating doctors use a Calmare Scrambler machine to rid you of this pain by scrambling the pain signals in your body which travel to your brain so that your brain doesn’t recognize them and tell the pain receptors in your nervous and sensory systems to be activated – you don’t feel nerve pain as a result.

And as a final comment

Since DOL Doctors Indianapolis is the expert clinic in terms of healing those who are hurt on the job, you should give them a call if you are ever hurt and work and want to recover as quickly and painlessly as possible!