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Understanding how wisdom teeth could be holding you back

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Many young people will look forward to getting wisdom teeth in much the same way that they will look forward to getting their braces: excited at first because it means that they are going to be going through another rite of passage that brings them that much closer to adulthood; confusion as to why it is so complicated; and then pain. The pain lasts longer than anyone would expect, and it is often a real disappointment to the individual that they have to experience such high levels of pain in order to get through this dental milestone. Even when you are told that wisdom teeth are painful, it’s easy to ignore when you just focus on the fact that you’ll probably be able to drive by then.

Of course, some people do not start getting their wisdom teeth until much later on in life, sometimes into their twenties or even their thirties, and when this happens you do not only have the distraction of teenage angst to worry about. You have a job to do, a commute to survive each day, a family to care for, other priorities and promises that you have to fulfil. The last thing that you need is a horrendous pain that is almost drilling into your own jaw, but wisdom tooth pain can be incredibly debilitating when you need to concentrate on the important things in life.

The trouble is that we are so used to ignoring things like wisdom tooth pain that we do not realize just how much it is affecting us. We snap at our partners and upset them, without realizing that it is their own pain that is causing them to be more irritable. We struggle to sleep and then struggle on at work, without noticing that it is our tiredness and not our incompetence which is causing us to make mistakes. Even worse, wisdom tooth pain can easily be ignored if someone decides to take pain killers such as paracetamol, which covers up the pain in the short term. If this sort of medication is taken every single day, then it can be quite easy to forget that the wisdom tooth pain is there.

If this sounds like you, you are probably one of thousands of people who are living with chronic wisdom tooth pain instead of dealing with it directly, and that is not what dentists want for you! It is completely possible to meet the challenge of wisdom tooth pain straight on, so that instead of ignoring it you can instead live a healthy and pain free live, without having every aspect of your life being affected by it. The trouble is that many people ignore wisdom tooth pain because they are even more frightened of the potential solution than the pain itself! The important thing is to remember that having a wisdom tooth or two removed is nowhere near as problematic or painful as dealing with wisdom tooth pain every day. The operation to have a wisdom tooth removed is over within less than an hour, usually, and then after two or three days of recovery you can be back to normal as though you never had wisdom tooth pain in the first place!

You do not have to live with wisdom tooth pain when there is such a simple remedy, and if you are finding yourself limited by wisdom tooth pain then the entirety of your life could benefit from its removal! Everyone will experience wisdom tooth pain at some point, of course, but that does not mean that you have to live with it.