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Exercise Program and Calorie Burn Rate

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An exercise program is very important to losing weight. The body is force to burn its excess fat storage for energy if you burn more calories than you take in. This is why a good exercise program is important. We put together a grid that shows how many calories a certain exercise will burn in 30 minutes. The numbers can be discouraging but keep in mind, you lose weight through long term, healthy eating combined with a good exercise program.

Maybe 300 calories doesn’t seem like a big deal, but multiplied by 4 times a week, 50-52 weeks in a year, and you’re talking about losing 18 pounds! So the benefit of a good exercise program is cumulative. Also, you’re able to eat more without gaining weight when you exercise regularly. Forget jogging 4 times a week to lose 5 pounds in the next few weeks. Your body does not work that way. Exercise that is complimented by a strict diet program can help you lose weight faster. Remember, make exercise fun and think long term!

Use the chart below to put your own exercise program together for 30 or more minutes each time. Exercise a minimum of 3 times each week.

Also be sure to test your current fitness levels with online fitness calculators so you can track your progress.

Activity 150lbs 200lbs 250lbs
Walking (2 mph) 102 138 174
Walking (4mph) 186 246 306
Running (5mph) 322 429 534
Running (7mph) 423 561 696
Badminton 162 225 282
Basketball 210 282 351
Cycling (5mph) 150 201 249
Cycling (13mph) 318 426 534
Dancing 125 165 207
Racquetball 270 351 432
Skiing (downhill) 288 384 480
Skiing (x-country) 354 471 582
Squash 270 351 432
Swimming 115 153 192
Tennis 204 276 345
Volleyball 162 225 486