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White Discharge: Everything You Must Know

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Vaginal discharge is the natural way to protect your reproductive organs and facilitate their function. Any vaginal secretion that has no unpleasant odor and which is not accompanied by symptoms such as tingling or itching is normal.

White discharge is common and in most cases, this type of discharge is perfectly regular, especially if it is odorless but sometimes it can be serious too. Let’s take the look at the most common types of white discharge and help you decide if it’s time to see your doctor.

You have experienced white discharge generally at the start or at the end of your menstrual cycle. Creamy milky white discharge a few days before your period is perfectly regular or it can be an indication of ovulation when it starts to be stretchy and thick. In some cases, thicken and creamier discharge is possibly an early sign that you are pregnant.

For some women, particularly those who are not mothers for the first time, this discharge is the first sign they observe before any other sign of pregnancy. This type of discharge is either entirely odorless or carries a very mild odor. If the white discharge is not followed by certain textures or odd and unpleasant smell it is normal.

During sexual intercourse, after you experience orgasm, vaginal contractions will lead to discharge in a large amount. This extra discharge is a sign that your body functions properly. An extreme amount of thick white vaginal discharge is normal. There are two types of it:

  • White discharge heavier than usual – Contraceptive pills or an allergy can be reasons for its appearing.
  • Intense white discharge– It is common at the end of your cycle if you regularly use hormonal birth control. It also can be a reaction to chemicals or even a new soap for instance.

The 2 most common causes of heavy discharge include:

  • Stress: You may notice a more massive white creamy discharge than you are used to seeing if you are under a lot of psychological or emotional stress. You should start finding ways to decrease stress in order to prevent possible future issues with your health.
  • Menopause: Among other things, you may experience some unusual and irregular vaginal discharge because your hormone level changes and until it doesn’t change the color or/and odor there is nothing to worry about.

Others reasons for white discharge

Yeast infection

The most common yeast infection is categorized by thick white cheesy discharge from the vagina. This may result in pain and swelling in the vulva region and in severe cases, it causes intense itching and pain during sexual intercourse.

Bacterial infection

Bacterial infection in the vulva region results in white discharge with a fishy smell. This leads to itching and burning in vulva or vagina along with swelling. It is suggested to visit your gynecologist as soon as possible if you suspect of having these infections as ignorance may lead to severe consequences with vaginal health.


This is a vaginal disease characterized by white cloudy or yellow discharge from the vagina. The disease outbreak results in urinary incontinence problem, bleeding between periods and pain in the pelvic area.


Bloody white or brown discharge between periods could be a result of irregular periods in many women but sometimes this may be an indication of cervical or endometrial cancer. The human papillomavirus infection (HPV) in the cervix causes discharge from the vagina and leads to cancer with some strains of this virus.


If a woman is experiencing pale white discharge with foul smell she may have an infection of Mycobacterium tuberculosis. Studies reveal that many women facing infertility issue have latent tuberculosis in the uterus and fallopian tubes hindering the conception process.

 White Discharge Treatment

Homeopathy offers safe, long-lasting and effective treatment to treat women related disorders including white discharge. The homeopathic medicines are based upon the underlying disease condition and the rigorousness of the complaints.

In cases where the white discharge occurs due to infection, homeopathic medicines not only cure it but the infection too. The treatment for white discharge in homeopathy is equally effective even in cases where the cause is physiological only.