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Myths About Lap-Band Surgery

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Myths About Lap-Band Surgery

Lap-band surgery is a popular choice for weight loss that has been on the rise in recent years. With the rising popularity of this surgical procedure, it’s inevitable that there would be some myths about lap-band surgery floating around. In this blog post, we’ll look at some of these myths you need to know about Lap-Band Surgery.

Myth 1: The Lap-Band Is Just a Weight Loss Gimmick

Reality: The Lap-Band has been the only FDA-approved weight-loss surgery for more than a decade. It can be extremely beneficial to morbidly obese people (BMI of 35-40) but is NOT a “weight loss gimmick.” However, The Lap-Band procedure should never be considered without long and hard consideration of this operation’s risks, complications, and potential failure rates.

Myth 2: It is not safe

Reality: Lap-Band surgery is a very safe procedure. In fact, it’s often safer than traditional weight-loss surgeries because the only incisions are those created to place the band around your stomach and insert the port into your skin. Its best to consult your weight loss surgeon while considering a lap band surgery in Phoenix.

Myth 3: You’ll have to change your eating habits after the surgery

Reality: This one’s a bit of a gray area. Lap-Band surgery does not change your taste buds or make you enjoy broccoli instead of cake. It does, however, put an end to fast food binges by making it painful to overeat. However, this also means that for many patients who have had the band removed, they can regain some weight within a few months because they no longer maintain a healthy diet plan.

Myth 4: You’ll never be able to eat anything again after the surgery

Reality: This is probably the most common myth surrounding Lap-Band surgery. The band does not prevent you from eating, but it changes your perception of what “full” feels like and makes it harder to finish large portions.

Myth 5: Weight loss will happen quickly and easily with a Lap-Band

Reality: The results of surgery can be seen immediately, but this is mostly due to the fact that you cannot eat much. Over time, however, weight loss will follow as long as you make healthy diet choices and stay away from fatty foods.

Lap-band surgery is a safe, effective, and minimally invasive way to lose weight. It’s also been shown that people with lap band surgeries have an improved quality of life for years after the procedure. Hope this article has helped you clear some misconceptions about this procedure.