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Legal status of Dianabol

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 Dbol is a C17-alpha alkylated anabolic, bulking steroid. It is very popular in bodybuilding circles for its fast acting effects. Within a few weeks of Dbol usage, a person can get a beefed look. The legal status of Dianabol is illegal because of its usage as a performance enhancement drug.

It contains Methandienone, a synthetic form of testosterone. This extra testosterone helps the person to gain muscle mass and improve strength considerably thus increasing overall performance.

This fast-acting drug usage is very stressful to the body. It upsets the natural hormonal balance of the body. The high potency of Dbol causes several side effects. Some of the pronounced side effects are – Ache, Body hair growth, Hair loss, Causes male pattern baldness, High blood pressure, Water retention, Suppresses good cholesterol ( HDL )  and increases bad cholesterol ( LDL ) significantly, Suppresses natural testosterone production and increases female harmone estrogen levels in men, Increases risk of heart disease and Type II Diabetes, Promotes gynecomastia , Causes severe liver stress and could result in liver damage.

Dbol is developed by US scientists with the only intention of performance enhancement during the Cold war era to have an edge over Soviet opponents. Quickly it became an important part of bodybuilding regime and as a performance enhancement drug. In wake of Major League Baseball steroid scandal, US banned all anabolic steroids. The legal status of Dianabol became illegal in the US along with other anabolic steroids due to its serious side effects.

Major League Baseball Scandal – MLB tested for performance enhancement drug during 2003. The results showed how widespread was the usage of performance enhancement drugs among baseball players. Almost all the top players were tested positive. This led to the Congressional investigation which steered the way to complete ban on all anabolic substances.

Many countries banned steroids because they are performance enhancing and come with several health implications. World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA ) maintains a list of all banned substances and Dbol is part of the list. So its usage is banned in all sports events conducted anywhere in the world. Dianabol effects vary from person to person. One has to start with small doses and observe themselves to judge the right dose for them. Also, they have to observe their gains, its side effects or other changes in them.

The legal status of Dianabol varies from country to country. It may be legal in countries like China, India, and Thailand but not legal in most developed countries like US, UK, Canada, Australia, Ireland, Newzealand, South Africa, Dubai. Manufacturing or selling, buying online is banned in these countries.

US has listed Dbol and all anabolic steroids as Schedule III Control substances which means that even possession of these steroids is considered a crime and will be put in jail. UK has declared them as Class C drugs. Import, export, possession of them is considered a crime. The law is strictly adhered to in these countries. So the punishment is severe.

Dbol is available in countries like India, China, and Thailand for bodybuilding. The laws are not very strict in these countries. Counterfeits do exist in these countries.