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Learn About The Performance Enhancing Drugs And Their Types

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The performance-enhancing drugs have been used in sports since 1950. They are used to enhance the overall performance of athletes. The current status of performance-enhancing drugs can be considered illegal in sports. Its use is rigorously monitored and an athlete found using it can be banned. This has led to natural substitutes of these drugs that are classified as herbal supplements and are totally legal.

Types of performance-enhancing drugs

The different types of performance-enhancing drugs can be categorized as follows

·         Androstenedione

·         Stimulants

·         Erythropoietin

·         Anabolic steroids

·         Creatine

·         Human Growth Hormone or HGH

·         Diuretics

The benefits of Performance-Enhancing Drugs

The performance-enhancing drugs has the following positive effects on its users

·         They boost endurance

·         They enhance the muscle growth

·         They are responsible for loss of fat

Commonly used anabolic steroids

The commonly used anabolic steroids are as follows

·         Winstrol

·         Anavar

·         Trenbolone

·         Testosterone

·         Anadrol

·         Deca-Durabolin

·         Dianabol

The side effects

The use of performance enhancing drugs has certain side effects. The following side effects are commonly caused by the use of performance enhancing drugs

·         Change in cholesterol levels

·         Loss of hair

·         Insomnia

·         Gynecomastia

·         Mood Swings

·         Damage to the liver

·         Heart related issues

·         Acne

The side effects are usually dosage dependent. The use of drugs from illegitimate sources can exponentially increase the potency and the risk of side effects.

Controlling the steroid usage in sports

A majority of steroid users believe that it’s an athlete’s right to use performance enhancing drugs. The regulatory bodies governing various sports had to start stringently regulating the use of performance enhancing drugs to control the use of these drugs. A few examples of this are as follows

·         IOC or international Olympic Committee started regulating the drug use since 1967

·         NFL or National Football League since 1987

The World Anti Doping Agency or WADA and the USWADA or US Anti Doping Agency were established in the year 1999 and 2000 respectively prevent the use of steroids in sports.

Natural supplements

These compounds are produced using natural ingredients and they replicate the effects of anabolic steroids. Some of the most common herbal supplements are as follows

·         Winsol

·         Anvarol

·         Trenorol

·         Testo-Max

·         Anadrole

·         Deca Duro

·         D-Bal

·         HGH- X2

·         Clenbuterol

The herbal supplements are perfectly legal. It can be used without worrying overmuch about the side effects. They produce benefits similar to performance enhancing drugs. The performance enhancement drugs improve the relevant hormone levels through synthetic means. The natural performance boosters, on the other hand, increase the gains by enhancing the natural production of relevant hormones in the body.