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Human Growth Hormone (HGH) – an imperative hormone for everyone

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Human growth hormone alias HGH is manufactured by the master gland “pituitary” which comprises many hormone glands. The secretion of chemicals from these glands is essential for physical, mental and emotional wellness. HGH children and adults usually appear as short stature. In such cases, the physician (endocrinologist) will put them under human growth hormone injection/pill treatment. The human growth hormone deficiency is confirmed by various blood tests.

How does growth hormone facilitate body functions?

Improves bone strength, maintains vital organ health, shields the body against oxidative and free radical damage, functions in the enzyme production, repairs injured and damaged tissues, helps in cellular replacement and rejuvenation, and aids in cellular growth. Growth hormone does not only help in the growth of long bones, resulting in height, but also responsible for many vital functions in the body. This deficiency occurs in approximately 1 in every 10000 children, but everyone is not treated in the same manner. GH remains prevalent in the blood stream during the mid of 20-30s and after that, the production starts to decline gradually. Since it is a natural phenomenon, the medical researchers associated the GH decline with the aging process.

Synthetic HGH (Exogenous)

When there is a deficiency in the human growth hormone production, the synthetic form of GH is administered exogenously. The synthetic growth hormone was developed in 1985 and the medical organizations approved it for significant therapeutic use among children and adults. In children the synthetic HGH injections are administered to treat small deviations in the growth due to unknown reasons, poor growth issues with a number of medical reasons including

  • Prader-Willy’s Syndrome – a genetic disease causes unusual poor muscle tone, constant hunger feeling along with low production of sex hormones
  • Turner’s syndrome – a genetic disorder that affects girls’ development.
  • Chronic renal failure
  • HGH deficiency
  • Children who are born small for gestational age

The synthetic hormone is administered in adults with the following conditions:

  • HGH dearth due to rare pituitary tumor and its treatment such as chemo, radiotherapy
  • Muscle wasting diseases related to AIDS/HIV
  • Short bowel syndrome – Due to severe intestinal disease or surgical removal of the small intestine, the nutrients will fail to be absorbed

In children and adults, the causes of a deficiency in HGH might be due to head injuries, radiation treatments, infections. Such cases are definitely treated with exogenous supplements.

Growth hormone deficiency symptoms:

Children with GHD will be shorter, younger with rounder faces. They also appear chubby or have “baby fat” around the abdomen, though their body proportions are normal. If GHG occurs in the later stage of a child’s life, such as from a brain tumor or injury, the main symptom will be delayed puberty. Young women may not be developed with breasts and young men’s voices will not be matured due to the Growth hormone deficiency. Reduced bone strength causes frequent fractures, especially in older adults. GHG people feel fatigue, lack of stamina along with depression, lack of concentration, emotional disturbances, and poor memory. However, if the causes of a deficiency in HGH are found earlier, it can be treated as maximum.