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 All about Clenbuterol for body building

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Today’s age is all about fitness and wellness. People without the exception of gender want a ripped, lean, muscular and well toned body. How many of us are awestruck to see that perfect bodies flashed in television, hoardings etc? To achieve such a sculpted body is no child’s play. It needs a lot of time, determination and discipline as seconded by the people who have already achieved it. But with the improvement in modern medical sciences, a lot of body building drugs / supplements are available which makes our work a little easy. One such drug which is quite popular now-a-days is Clenbuterol.

What is Clenbuterol?

Clenbuterol often marketed under various names of dilaterol, spiropent, ventipulmin comes under a class of drugs called beta 2 sympathomimetic amine, an agonist. It was introduced to the medical world as a decongestant and bronchodilator which makes breathing easy for the patients suffering from respiratory disorders like asthma.

Mode of action:

Clenbuterol or clen, as it is commonly known is a Central nervous system stimulant which activates the beta 2-adronergic receptors of our body which in turn leads to various effects in our body. It  Helps in lipid metabolism and acts as a fat burner and  it breaks the body’s  fat deposits that is adipose tissue and triglycerides into fatty acids for oxidation which is necessary for competitive body builders in cutting cycles.  As a CNS stimulant it relaxes the smooth muscles and act as an arterial dilator that feeds the skeletal muscles and thus helping the arteries to carry more oxygen to the muscles. This in turn helps the person with increased stamina and to do more intense workouts. It also increases mental alertness and overall physical performance. Clen acts as an anti-catabolic and for a bodybuilder it is very necessary that whatever muscles he/she attained in bulking up cycle has to be maintained in cutting cycles, where there is a tendency to lose the gained muscle along with fat and water. Clen helps here in retaining the muscle mass.

Insulin and recreational drugs diuretics can be very dangerous if not administered properly. Clen Cycle of medications should be followed carefully. While consuming body building supplements, regular health checkups are must and taking any other medication should be only under proper prescription by a doctor knowing your health condition.

Due to intake of these supplements sometimes you may have hormonal imbalance leading to health issues like, hair loss, bone loss, fertility problems, improper weight gain, acne, kidney disorder. These supplements rich in protein have a higher risk of raising your cholesterol .Eating too much of protein puts added strain on your kidneys and could worsen their condition. A high protein diet has a risk of you falling prone to kidney stones and osteoporosis.


Body building supplements are never replacements of the normal nutrition or workouts. It’s just adding value to our diet and making our fitness goals faster. Having said that, I don’t preferably say yes or no for taking the supplements, but the decision making completely lies with the individual.