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How to Push Through With an Active Lifestyle on a Healthy Diet

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Why it Matters

Because sometimes it can be tough to stay motivated when it comes to health goals.

There are dozens of reasons why you might want to get started on a healthy diet for a more more active lifestyle.

You may be looking to maintain a healthy weight, lose some body fat, increase your overall energy, get good sleep, or generally just feel better. Maybe you just want to look hot in a bikini for your next summer vacation.

Even with all these goals in mind, a healthy diet can sometimes feel like a real struggle to maintain—especially when you can hear those piping hot, terribly inviting chocolate rolls calling to you as you walk past your local bakery each morning.

As challenging as passing up such a sweet treat might seem, it is possible to stay motivated and committed to your diet regime. Follow these simple tips to push through and have success with a healthy new diet.

Set goals beyond the scale

Don’t make the reason you wake up every morning on a diet to check the new numbers showing on your scale display. You need broader, farther-reaching goals than that. Take a sheet of paper and a pen out and write down how a healthy new diet will benefit you, your family, and your pet goldfish. Goals are more motivating and more achievable when they are written down on paper for you to organize and visualize. What’s more, you will have better reasons to eat that salad.

Don’t be a perfectionist

Successfully maintaining a healthy diet has a lot to do with planning. Meal prepping is a useful concept to embrace in order to make sure you always have healthy meals ready when you feel hungry. That way you do not make poor meal choices based on hunger and mess up your diet. At the same time, it’s okay if you cannot get a perfect meal every time. There might be days when you simply cannot meet up with your diet. Be flexible and allow changes in your diet when the need arises. Just remember that these setbacks happen to everyone, so don’t be discouraged. Get back on that horse and move forward, forward, forward.

Be patient

Patience is key when it comes to trying out new things. You might not take well to a healthy diet at first. There might be growling sounds coming from your tummy every few minutes or so. You might feel like throwing out all of the “annoying” healthy food you initially bought with so much excitement and running out to stuff your soul with junk food. But trust us, it won’t take very long before you start to testify about the wonders of healthy eating to anyone who cares to listen.

Surround yourself with health

Place healthy options everywhere. Be sure that if you reached into your fridge with your eyes closed, your hands would come back bearing something healthy. Place a bowl of fruit invitingly on your kitchen table, and make sure your pantry is stocked with fresh ingredients for making healthy meals. Keep tempting, junk foods far from your reach—preferably outside, far away from your house.

Make it even healthier

Make the most of a clean diet by adding good supplements to the mix. Nootropics provide a boost to your brainpower, strengthen the mind’s resistance to stress, promote the brain chemistry for motivation, and aid in learning, storage, and recall. How’s that for a power meal?

Give yourself The Talk

There’s a reason why the cliché of previously failing competitors suddenly beginning to do well after a pep talk sells movies. Because it works—and in real life too. If you have no coach to motivate you with a pep talk, do it yourself. Look at your reflection and simply say “I CAN DO THIS!” Feel free to say anything that gives you the needed kick that keeps you motivated.

Treat yourself

Eating a healthy diet takes heaps of discipline, and for that you should give yourself some form of reward. See each day or week where you successfully ate healthy as a milestone successfully crossed and treat yourself for it. Don’t do anything to spoil your record now.

Put those “goal” jeans within eye reach

 If one of your goals with healthy eating is to be able to fit back into your skinny jeans, you need to provide some visual motivation. Get out the jeans and hang them where you can see them. You can also try them on say once a week to see how far you have to go in order to achieve your goal.

Allow yourself a fresh start

You’ve probably been down this road before—but that doesn’t matter now. Maybe this isn’t the first time eating healthy has been on your to-do list. Don’t beat yourself up about it. Look on the bright side, and remember that you did not give up on your goal. Simply research ways to do better than you did the last time. And believe that you will succeed this time around in a grand style.