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Facts about Custom Peptide Synthesis You Should Know About

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Custom peptides are used in a variety of fields such formulation studies, research and development in addition to other commercial uses. The companies dealing with manufacturing peptides usually make the available in powder forms or solution forms.

Custom peptide synthesis is normally conducted to give bulk API ploy-peptides or research grade peptides. During synthesis, these peptides are modified for particular therapeutic and diagnostic usages. Generally, there are two types of peptide synthesis processes and these include: liquid phase and solid phase synthesis. Liquid phase synthesis is normally is the preferred synthesis method for very short peptides, while solid phase synthesis is ideal when dealing with large-scale production of synthetic peptides.

It is possible for anyone to search for the peptides they need based on the specific applications for which they intend to apply them. It is also possible to get peptides in quantities of less than one or two grams, up to very large quantities measured in kilograms.

Custom peptides produced by the peptide manufacturing companies have a wide range of applications, including but not limited to:

  • Receptor characterization
  • Antibody production
  • Epitome mapping
  • Protein-structure analysis
  • Biological effect measurements

While considering the use of custom peptide for any application, it is important to know that you should handle and store them correctly for better results. Most of the peptides will be delivered as lyophilized Trichloroacetic salts with free carbon and amino acids molecules. Upon receiving them, it is recommended that they be stored at -200C, since at this temperature, they can remain stable for very many years to come.

Suppose you were ordering soliloquized peptides, then you ought to use them immediately. They are very unstable in nature and this is because of their lower concentration. Remaining peptides in this form should be re-lyophilized so that they can keep longer under storage.