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Diagnosing the growth hormone deficiency

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Growth hormone deficiency can be diagnosed either by Hand x-ray that determines the bone age or by taking Insulin-like growth factor (IGF-1) and Insulin-like growth factor binding protein-3(IGF BP3). A stimulation test can also be carried for accurate testing.

Growth hormone deficiency treatment

Need for growth hormone treatment is due to growth hormone deficiency that may be present either by birth or due to any medical condition or genetic disorder. Growth hormone treatment is very important as it slows down the growth. It may also effect the puberty cycle in children.

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One most common treatment for growth hormone deficiency is Injections. The dosage of hormone injections is prescribes by your endocrinologist. Your doctor may suggest taking growth hormone injections daily or as often as needed depending on the severity of your condition. Once you are taking the growth hormone therapy your doctor will monitor your cholesterol and blood glucose levels periodically to make sure that the growth chart shows improvement.

Growth hormone therapy is a Genentech developed rhGH technology; when taken in prescribed amount as per the patient’s condition is relatively safe and effective but these come with some common side effects like- Swelling, Numbness, Joint pains and muscle aches.

Contrary to this, one may experience some serious side effects if they are getting more harmonies then needed. So it is always advisable to consult you doctor as often as required and keep him updated.

How to take them as cycles?

It is known to function as an anabolic steroid and thus, it might cause some changes in the male and female body, such as, hoarse ness of voice, improving the male features of the body. In women, it might cause increase in facial hair and causing acne skin.

For the people who want to take this pill, should consume it consistently with initial dosage up to 4 IU (international units) per day. With increase in number off cycles, often body builders consume around 24 IU per day. But, one must make sure that they do not exceed the suggested levels.

Human growth hormonal pills are often under controlled sales, that is, they are not sold until prescribed in some countries. Hence, make sure your country allows the intake of these creams and are sold without legal litigations.

HGH is not FDA is not approved as there have been no human trials done and have been conducted only on animals. So, human results can be seen on the reviews set up by websites which sell HGH pills and HGH supplements. The testimonials show you before and after images and how they proceeded with the dosage and workout sessions. The stacking of HGH with other steroids will help you get better results.

A positive life style: These days, people are more attracted to a lazy and negativity filled life style. The same is then followed by kids. Though this is not good for anyone irrespective of their age but kids and children are more prone to it and It affects them not only physically but affects them mental health too. Adopting a healthy life style can no doubt keep you fit and fine.