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Essential Selections of Options for Penis Enlargement

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One method promoted by beauty clinic owners is to increase the size of the penis with the help of hyaluronic acid. It turns out that you can inject acid under the skin and properly shape it, resulting in a larger size of the natural. Of course, the effects that can be obtained are 1-2 additional centimeters in length, so not everyone is satisfied.

The method is not the cheapest and in addition it should be repeated approximately every year. Hyaluronic acid also carries the risk of problems with potency, and this is not a trivial thing, because we need a larger member if we cannot use it. The use of the penis enlargement medicines is important here.

Masturbation and penis size

Just like stretching exercises, similarly masturbation or frequent sexual intercourse are able to contribute to some extent to increase the length of the member. Of course, the results are not spectacular here, we can talk more about millimeters, not centimeters, but it is one of the home methods of increase that is tested by people with a smaller budget. The reviews are usually not the best, so it’s better to use other options for penis enlargement.

Visual tricks for thickening the penis

Wondering how to enlarge your penis? Our eyes see what the brain tells them, they are easily fooled, just use visual tricks and the member will appear thicker and longer. The easiest way in this case is depilation of intimate places – the penis. In this case, the lack of hair means that a greater part of our birth is visible and the penis appears much larger than when it is covered by pubic hair.

Overlays to extend a member

If we are looking for a one-time, occasional solution to increase the length of a member, we can use special pads that are attached to the erect penis. Overlays resemble an ordinary member, in which there is a hole for our birth. In this way, we can get a penis of any size very quickly. Overlays also have different tabs and shapes, which allows you to enjoy various games with our partner.

Diet for a long life

Is there a penis enlargement diet? Despite the fact that there are many legends on this subject, up to this point it has not been confirmed that there is a diet for enlarging a member. Of course, if we gain weight, for example, compared to our body, the penis seems smaller, while if we are slimmer, it may look larger, of course, this is only a visual effect.

Penis size

Statistics show that the average penis length in erect condition for a European is 16cm. As for the circumference the thickness of the penis, the average is 12.5cm.

An interesting fact is that the size of a member at rest does not affect what his size will be during erection. It is usually the case that a smaller penis at rest increases its length by more percent than the penis which has a larger size at rest.