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Effect of Air and Water Pollution on Hair

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It is a proven fact that pollution is the root cause of hair fall. People are exposed to various kinds of pollution which cause hair fall. Hair fall issue is now a menacing problem for every people. The people living in the cities are largely affected by pollution which leads to loss of hair who weaker hair roots.

Life in a metro city is always a charming one. There are various facilities available to lead a best possible life. But these cities and its environment are affecting our health in the worst manner.  Pollution of varied kinds is unstoppable and on a daily basis, we are exposed to it.

Hair fall can be treated only with the help of hair transplantation.  This is the most advanced method that is used to treat hair fall.  Hair transplant in Delhi is the most popular and best for every Indian. The place has got all the best clinics across the city.

Both water and air pollution is highly active in cities like Delhi. People going out for work are exposed every day to these kinds of pollution.  

The air pollution causes breakage and split ends in the hair.  With time the hair gets weaker and one can notice hair on the comb.  People often visit a spa or use herbal shampoo but somehow nothing works properly.

The reason why water pollution causes hair fall is the presence of harmful chemicals in it. The hair slowly becomes dry and stars falling. Water causes the maximum damage to hair.

As we all know that hair fall has only one solution which is proper and permanent and that is hair transplant.  Leaving aside this step people should also think that how to stop pollution from damaging their hair. Some of the ways will be mentioned below

Wash your hair at regular intervals-    It is very important to wash your hair at regular intervals. Use a proper shampoo or oil to wash hair.  This is needed to clear out the dirt immediately.  It is recommended to do shampoo at least twice a week.  More days for women than men as the former have thick hair.

Take good care of the scalp- The birth of hair is from the scalp and therefore it is needed to take good care of the scalp.  Always wash your scalp properly with fingers while doing shampoo.  Proper care of the scalp will help in blood circulation and helps to prevent from various diseases.

Doesn’t use the chemical for hair treatment- People often use the excess chemical for hair treatment.   Like shampoo and other cosmetics.  It often happens that these chemicals are the root cause of damage. Constant use of such chemicals affects the hair in the worst way.

Always cover up your hair while on road- Just the way we cover our face due to heat it is also recommended to cover hair while on road. There are various tiny dust particles that go deep down into the scalp and break the roots of the hair.  Due to this hair fall issues begin and slowly people experiences baldness.

The best way to treat hair fall is hair transplant. There are various clinics around the country mostly in major towns and cities which provide the service of transplantation.  Delhi is the best place for hair transplantation where people can rely upon.

The best clinics of the country are there in Delhi. The transplantation method is done at a very convenient cost and the result is bound to be positive.  It is true that pollution is the root cause of hair fall but nevertheless the modern method of restoration is quite helpful.