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CBD Gains Momentum Thanks to Athletes and Pharmaceuticals

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Athletes have been among the latest to endorse the use of CBD as they cope with daily pain and discomfort in their professional lives. Although there is still a relatively negative stigma on anything cannabis related, athletes have been playing a more prominent role in trying to dispel some of these negative connotations.

Providing Athletes with Pain Relief

Dealing with knee and other joint pains after injuries or accumulated mileage is nothing new to professional athletes.

Al Harrington is a former NBA player who is no stranger to this, as he suffered through his share of pain, particularly during a knee operation that left him in severe pain with no immediate source of relief. As anti-inflammatories proved to be ineffectual, he eventually turned to medicinal marijuana as he lived in Colorado, which was the first state to legalize marijuana.

He discussed his initial reluctance in using medicinal cannabis: “And I’m not lying; I was one of those guys who grew up thinking if you smoked weed, you had no future,” Al Harrington says. “I never tried it as a kid. My boys were smoking when we were kids and I never tried it. I was always so scared to try it. I felt like if I came home and I smelled like weed, my mother would kill me.”

With the foundation of Harrington’s Viola Extracts, his intention to help promote cannabis and its legalized use in the NBA. Former NBA Commissioner David Stern has also gone on record to support this view.

Building on this platform, Harrington has established Harrington Wellness, which is slated to manufacture and distribute hemp products to dispensaries around summertime. The wellness brand will feature products like the Harrington Wellness Cream, as creams continue to gain popularity for their soothing properties.

Harrington has also invested in Butter Baby, a company that provides high quality cannabis edibles to promote healthy eating.

According to Harrington, “Pharma, of course, is going to take over…but it’s not enough money (now) for them to waste their time. Once it gets to $50 billion, $100 billion, that’s when they’ll come in and buy all the established people. So that’s why I firmly believe we have a five- or 10-year window to build our brand and build our businesses before Big Pharma comes in and the big money really starts coming in and they start buying people up.”

PotNetwork Holdings, Inc. (OTCMKTS:POTN) is another CBD corporation dedicated to providing cannabis products of the highest quality and effectiveness for its consumer base. They feature a variety of CBD infused products such as their popular gummy edibles, vape oils, and isolates.

They manufacture a sports pain relief CBD product endorsed by former NFL linebacker Lawrence Taylor, and the PainMaster line of products was specifically aimed at alleviating pain stemming from sports related injuries.

Pharmaceuticals are Looking to Make a Splash

Pharmaceutical companies have also been getting involved with CBD as its properties become more accepted and documented through clinical trials and testing.

Founded in 1998 with offices in the US and UK, GW Pharmaceuticals has become one of the most prominent leaders in researching and developing the use of CBD in medicinal drugs to promote the alleviation of symptoms ranging from a variety of disorders.

Currently, they are garnering headlines for their product Epidiolex which has been characterized early on as being beneficial to those suffering from Lennox-Gastaut and Draven Syndrome. It was reported that GW Pharmaceuticals invested around $1 billion in Epidiolex. In a case study to test the effectiveness of Epidiolex on patients suffering from seizures, it was reported that seizures were reduced by about 39% over a 14-week experimental period.

GW Pharmaceuticals discovered prior success with Sativex as one of the very first cannabis pharmaceuticals accepted in countries worldwide. As opposed to Epidiolex which is composed purely of CBD, Sativex is a spray composed of both THC and CBD which was approved on its abilities to treat spasms. Sativex was one of the major drives behind GW Pharmaceuticals’ $11 billion revenue in the 2017 fiscal year.

The FDA will make the ultimate call on the manufacturing of Epidiolex, which will be issued on June 27th. Epidiolex will be available in the second half of 2019 as a prescription drug if the FDA gives the green light.

CBD is continuing to gain gradual acceptance as a non-addictive source of pain relief among others. The World Health Organization has concluded that CBD should not be considered a Schedule 1 controlled substance. That classification includes drugs with addictive properties and devoid of any medicinal contribution. Their decision came as a victory to marijuana proponents, citing CBD’s health benefits as well as the fact that it wasn’t an addictive substance.

The World Anti-Doping Agency arrived at a similar conclusion, based on its health merits as well as being a non-addictive substance.

As CBD continues to gain media exposure through a variety of investors and corporations, its public image should only improve and lead to more breakthrough developments to maximize its increasingly documented benefits.