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What is a serious blood sugar level? How to prevent?

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Blood sugar level is one of the most important aspects in our health. If your blood sugar level is below or higher than normal, this situation might give rise to other health complications. For example, one of the most common health issues that can arise from a high blood sugar level is diabetes. It is one of the diseases that shows how serious this blood sugar level can be. If you are concerned about this matter and want to know more about your overall health, it is a good idea to go for a full body checkup. For blood sugar level, the normal range is around 4 to 6 mmol/L. So, anything that is lower or higher than this range can be considered as serious. It is vital that you know how to prevent the blood sugar level from going astray. Below are some of the common ways that you can practice so that your blood sugar level is always in good shape.

  1. Eat a healthy diet

Our blood sugar level is mainly determined by our food intake. This is because the food particles that we ate will be processed into glucose, a form of sugar inside our body. This is what makes your blood sugar level high. Hence, eating a healthy diet is a must if you want to make sure that your body is not in any serious health condition. You can start by reducing sugar intake from your meal. Make sure you avoid eating food and drinks that are high in sugar such as ice cream, carbonated drinks and so on. Obviously eating fast foods is prohibited because these types of foods contain very high glucose levels. Apart from that, you always need to eat healthily by going for more vegetables and fruits. Both of these categories of food offer you a lot of vitamins and nutrients needed for the body. If you are still not sure about the quantity needed in your meal, you can always refer to the food pyramid.

  1. Do some exercise

Eating a healthy diet alone is not enough. If you want to lead a healthy life and maintain your blood sugar level at a good range, you must choose to exercise as well. Exercise is a good way to cut down those cholesterols and glucose inside your body. It is recommended to exercise for 30 minutes per session for 5 days a week for optimal results. However, if you do not have that much time to spend, then you can choose to go for 30 minutes per session for 3 days a week. You must choose an exercise that is suitable for you. There are a lot of exercise types that you can choose from such as walking, running, swimming and also cycling.

  1. Keep an eye on your blood sugar level

If you do not want your blood sugar level to be below or above the normal range, then it is recommended for you to keep an eye on it. This can easily be done by using a blood sugar level reading machine. You can buy this at any pharmacy or health store nearby your place. Besides, this small machine is very user-friendly and easy to use. So, you would have no problem checking your blood sugar level on your own. You can always check your blood sugar level once a week. If there is any drop or increase from the normal range, you can always talk to your doctor and ask for his opinion.