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Why using steroid is a matter of concern? How it affects your body?

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They are compounds that accelerate the growth of tissues. The best known are anabolic steroids, commonly used by athletes to increase muscle mass and energy storage. Anabolic-androgenic steroids (EAAs) are a group of synthetic derivatives of testosterone that produce anabolic (muscle-building) and androgenic (masculinizing) effects. Although it’s most popular use is to improve physical appearance and sports performance. They are also used for medical purposes. Its consumption was initially restricted to professional and elite athletes, but it has spread to a significant segment of the general population.

What are they used for?

Different studies indicate that between 10 and 30 percent of men who exercise regularly in gyms have used this type of products. At present, these substances are totally prohibited in professional sport and for these anti-doping controls are carried out. In the rest of the population they are legal. They should only be taken under prescription and medical control, as their consequences can be harmful to health. You can get different product in the market. But before buying you can compare their requirements. This helps you to understand which steroids you need actually, for example, anadrol vs dbol.

These substances are used for medical purposes in the first place for their androgenic actions, since testosterone emphasizes the differentiation, development and maintenance of male secondary sexual characteristics. In addition to regulating the spermatogenesis and sexual behavior of males, doctors prescribe this hormone in cases in which the patient does not have enough testosterone naturally. They are used in cases of severe malnutrition or in the treatment of certain types of cancers and anemia’s due to their anabolic effects, since they help people with this type of problem to increase their muscle mass.

How are they consumed?

Anabolic steroids are administered orally or injected. One of the most common forms of consumption among people with anabolic addiction is through patterns called cyclic use which consists of taking several doses of steroids in a given period, stopping the use for a while and starting over. In addition, users often resort to the practice of stacking, the combination of different classes of steroids to maximize their effectiveness and at the same time, minimize their unfavorable effects. The consumption of these substances in large doses can cause kidney failure, cardiovascular problems and impotence in men because the human body does not have the capacity to process large amounts of these hormones.

Conclusion: it helps to grow

Other adverse effects of the use of anabolic steroids are the possibility of suffering liver tumors, jaundice, fluid retention, high blood pressure, acne and tremors. In addition, there are other specific effects of each sex such as the reduction of the size of the testicles, a lower sperm count, infertility, baldness and development of the breasts in the case of men and the growth of facial hair, changes in the menstrual cycle, increase in the size of the clitoris and change of the voice, in the case of women.