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Tips to remove dark spots from your face

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Did you notice your skin color grown dark by f day to day? That is dark spots on the skin, it will occur due to the hyperpigmentation. The dark spots are typical to handle, but there are different types of treatments are there on the medical line and home remedies to control. Undergoing treatment for dark spots will give result according to the skin and health when your daily habits are healthy it will not occur on the skin. Are you looking for the treatment and methods on how to remove dark spots from face? Read more this article to gather more information.

What are the types of dark spots are available?

There are three different types of dark spots are finding mostly on people skin with similar variations and effectiveness. The types and characteristic of dark spots are listed below,

  • PIH – Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation

This type of dark spots is caused by acne, sunburns tit results in the condition of trauma on the skin.

  • Melasma

It happens due to the hormonal changes and mostly it can be founded on dark patches on the cheeks. It can turn you to affect on thyroid dysfunction.

  • Lentigines

This type of dark spot can occur to everyone due to the exposure of sun with direct contact on the skin.

Approaching medical treatments

Suggest with your dermatologist, if you have found the symptoms of dark spots on body or face immediately contact with the specialist of skin care to take care of your skin. They will magnify your skin deep and closely to know the right condition your dark spots. Consulting with a dermatologist about how to remove dark spots from face through medical treatment will cure your dark spots than using the beauty products. Check whether the symptoms on your skin are for skin cancer and take the precautions immediately to save you.

Using marketized beauty treatments

Before going to beauty treatment know your nature of dark spot and decide wisely, if you have common dark spots you can take yourself for proven beauty treatments. The steps of beauty treatments are mentioned below.

  • Use Exfoliation product

Exfoliation is the best thing to treat your dark spots; you have to hold the cleanser on fingers and scrub it on the dark spots in a circular motion, then apply it as a top layer of skin to protect. You can even try micro-dermabrasion treatment to stimulate the cells from the skin to make the growth of cells to cover the layer.

Home remedies to treat against dark spots

Citrus is the best agent to treat against the dark spots on your skin. Apply the juice or blended paste of lemon or onion on the dark spots on your face. Allow it to get dry on the skin for at least 15 minutes, and then wash off it with the warm water. Rinse it wisely to get remove from your skin; else the citrus will peel the remaining skin from your face. Even applying Vitamin E on dark spots also give a better result and you can take it as a dietary source and topical application.