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Protecting Children with Soberlink When Parents Drink Too Much

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Through the use of cutting-edge tools, SOBERLINK is addressing a persistent issue. They provide a new tool for law enforcement and rehab institutions to keep in touch with patients and track their alcohol intake.

If you could sum up SOBERLINK’s history in one sentence, what would it be?

In one way or another, alcoholism has harmed the company’s creator and the early investors. SOBERLINK was created to serve as an instrument for fostering duty and duty-taking.

The users of SOBERLINK are…

Although the criminal justice and therapeutic sectors are where we see the most growth, the gadget is also finding applications in the home and the business. We’re teaming up with national professional health programmes and courts all around the United States, including some of the largest and most reputable treatment facilities available.

What kind of reactions have you had from your customers?

SOBERLINK has been met with universal acclaim. The technique is considered revolutionary in every field it is applied to. Through aftercare, treatment facilities may reach more people, and those in need of help throughout the transition will have more resources at their disposal. Parents who are fighting in court for custody of their children because of the parent’s alcoholism have two options: either prove their sobriety to the courts, or rest easy knowing that their child is in the care of a sober guardian. Families are discovering that SOBERLINK is a useful tool for supporting their loved ones’ attempts to improve their own lives. The alcohol offender sees SOBERLINK as a more accurate and humanitarian alternative to the ankle bracelet even in the criminal justice arena where a DUI violation may be punished to SOBERLINK as punitive punishment.

Is It Safe For Your Child To Spend Time With Your Ex?

Having children spend time alone with an alcoholic parent might be a terrifying prospect. There is a greater need to worry about personal safety now that our globe is getting more isolated and alcohol use is on the rise due to the COVID-19 dilemma. And that’s why I’m excited to tell you about Soberlink: the revolutionary remote alcohol monitoring system. Soberlink’s breathalyser, reporting, and facial recognition features ensure everyone’s safety during play dates and other family outings. Several of our recent customers have implemented Soberlink monitoring device reviews into their parenting arrangements, giving them peace of mind whenever their children are with the other parent.

Protecting Children around the World with Soberlink’s Alcohol Tracking Technology

  • An increase in nationwide binge drinking can be attributed to the COVID-19 epidemic, which in turn indicates increased levels of stress among the general population.
  • It’s natural for parents to worry about their children’s well-being, especially if they’re leaving behind the familiar environment of their childhood because of their own alcohol misuse and moving to a new, foreign one.
  • It’s possible that remote alcohol monitoring is the best choice for people living in isolated areas since it has advantages over more conventional methods of alcohol monitoring.
  • To accommodate a more dispersed society, the all-inclusive Soberlink system offers remote alcohol monitoring.