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Nutrition rich flour for health benefits

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Flours are essential ingredients that are used in everyday cooking.  They are obtained by grinding different cereals and pulses and nuts.You cannot but undermine the versatility of flour. They are invariably used in making the main course of a meal. In certain cases, it may also be used to cook a side dish or as a thickening agent for curries and gravies. You can also make delicious snacks using them.

Flour and nutrients

Wheat is one of the cereals that are used primarily after being pound into a flour. It is widely used in making baked items. wheat flour as such is rich in nutrients such as vitamin B2 Vitamin B1, Vitamin E, folic acid, copper, zinc, iron, calcium phosphorus and fiber. But the processing methods that are employed to make the flour actually leaves us with a flour that is depleted of some or all of these nutrients. That is why the use of  100% wholewheat flourish being suggested so that you gain the nutritional benefits that the bran, germ and the endosperm of the wheat have to offer to the fullest.

Protein content

The whole wheat flour can cater to about 25%of the recommended intake of proteins for an individual. That is why the use of whole wheat flour is advocated. Flour made from nuts and items such as flaxseed, amaranth seeds, jackfruit, considered as high protein flour. It is suggested by nutritionists for muscle building and sports performance without having to change your regular diet. It also helps you to engage yourselves in physical activities for long durations.

Fiber content

Half a cup of whole wheat flour contains about 6.4grams of dietary fiber in contrast to refined flour that has only 1.3 grams. Dietary fiber is very important and it can offer health benefits in the form of

  • Prevention of constipation
  • Lowering blood cholesterol
  • Helping one to lose weight or control obesity.

Effect on blood sugar

Since almost all flours except those obtained from nuts have carbohydrates, they are bound to have an effect on the blood sugar. The whole wheat flour protein-rich flour from nuts have a low glycemic index.  It will prevent rapid blood sugar spikes and release the carbohydrates slowly into the blood.

Vitamin content

The bran and the germ of the wheat are rich in vitamins. The vitamins are retained in the whole wheat flour whilst it is lost in the case of refined flour.

Choose the best flour that has a high level of protein that suits your tastes and requirements. Replace refined flours with whole wheat flour and protein-rich flour. You can gain health benefits without changing your diet.