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How Much Do Dental Implant Cost?

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Although there are several options for replacing a missing tooth, dental implants is the best option. However, many patients avoid it due to the dental implants cost in Sydney. Yes, cost of dental implants is the major concern for many of us. But, when it comes to oral health, one should never compromise their health over price. Unlike other teeth replacement options, dental implants in Sydney improve the quality of life of a person. So, it is no wonder dental implants price is high than traditional teeth replacement methods. Besides, there are several factors that goes into the dental implants cost.

It is true that cost of dental implants Sydney is high but they are not expensive. But, they are not that much expensive like many think. How does that make sense? Well, when you consider the return on the investment that you will get from a healthy, functional and beautiful smile, the price is justified.

First of all, you must understand that dental implants are not a single piece of equipment and it is not a single procedure. The materials and tools that help to restore teeth are of incredible quality and cost a lot to make.

What is involved in dental implants cost? 

Not all dental implants in Sydney are same because the final price is influenced by a lot of factors.

Whether you believe or not, your location influences the dental implants price. Places where rent is high may force a dentist to charge higher rates to cover their overhead. Moreover, if your dentist sources dental implants from suppliers who charge high price, you will have to spend more.

The number of dental implants that you’ll need also influences the cost. If you need more than one implant, the price will be higher and your dentist may also suggest another option like bridge which is affordable but the results are not same like dental implants.

The dentist may suggest zirconium or titanium for your implants and it is also another factor in the final price of the procedure. These materials, along with the materials for the crown, could affect the price of your implant. By talking to your dentist about the pros and cons of different materials will help you choose the option that gives you both quality and an affordable price.

Other procedures like bone graft, tooth extraction, etc. also influence the final cost of the procedure. So, if you need to have your tooth extracted first, you have to pay for it as well. Once the planning stage is over, your dentist or oral surgeon will surgically place the implant. It takes two or more weeks to get healed and fuse with the jawbone to form a sturdy foundation to hold the crown. Finally, the crown is placed.

So, it is clear that dental implants are not actually expensive; they are high for valid and valuable reasons.