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How to Use Hair Follicle Detoxification Shampoo for A Drug Screen

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One of the fastest-growing methods when it comes to drug testing is hair analysis, which is something you need to remember. The main reason for that is that it is highly accurate compare with urinalysis and mouth swab screening, which are still the most common options.

For instance, when you consume weed or cannabis, you will need approximately five to seven days for its metabolites to enter your hair. Then it will remain inside for the next few months at least.

Back in the day, only seven percent of employees failed their hair analysis due to weed consumption. You should check out this site: to learn how to pass a hair analysis with ease.

Today, things are entirely different because some states have legalized the consumption, which is completely paradoxical compared with the regular screenings that do not allow any traces of cannabinoids within your body.

The presence of weed and other substances within your hair is straightforward. As soon as you consume something, it will enter your bloodstream and circulate your body until it reaches the blood, saliva, urine, and follicle.

The active substances will break down into metabolites that will enter your follicles and become the part of the hair as it starts to grow.

Remember that our hair tends to grow at least 0.5 inches per month, which is why the labs will try to take approximately 1.5 inches to detect the presence of drugs you consumed in the last three months.

The longer it is, the longer you can measure your drug use, but it is challenging to determine a timeline and when you consume something.

Therefore, an analysis cannot tell the difference between the cannabis you consumed seven days ago and those you consumed two months ago.

You see by now that this is highly problematic and wrong. It is vital to understand why that is happening in the example of marijuana or THC is. When we consume weed, THC tends to enter our body as an active substance.

However, throughout its half-life, it will break down into THC-COOH metabolites that will run throughout your bloodstream. Generally, tests will not check out the presence of active THC but THC-COOH, which will become part of the root.

We can understand why more and more institutions choose this particular method over others, especially since it can detect a pattern of drug abuse.

Simultaneously, you will not be able to tamper with it the same way you can do with urinalysis by using fake pee or conducting harsh body detox.

However, we can differentiate a method that will help you pass a follicle drug test on short notice, which is why you should stay with us to learn more about it.

The Macujo Method

If you wish to find the easiest but invasive way to cleanse your hair from drug metabolites, it is vital to consider the Macujo Method. It includes using different products with an idea to detoxify your scalp from THC and other drug metabolites.

It requires using a detox shampoo for a hair follicle drug screen, which will allow you to do it properly. Remember that this particular method is made explicitly for THC-COOH detoxification.

Simultaneously, it can be problematic to your scalp and cause temporary damage. You should be aware of potential risks involved in this particular method, which may increase if you have sensitive skin and other issues along the way.

In some situations, the process can be irritating and painful, which is why you should consider every single aspect before you start.

You Will Need

  • Shower cap
  • Protective goggles
  • Towel
  • Sink with warm water
  • Disposable gloves
  • Vinegar
  • Shampoo with salicylic acid
  • Detoxification shampoo such as Aloe Rid
  • Liquid Detergent

Since the method uses harsh and corrosive substances, you should know that it could easily damage your scalp and hair, which you need to remember.

In case you had inflammatory problems and reactions to substances you used, we recommend avoiding it altogether.

Simultaneously, if you are confident that you will not experience an allergic reaction, you should take a chance and prepare yourself properly by having protective equipment.

Step-By-Step Guide

  • It is vital to start by rinsing your hair thoroughly. However, you can also avoid this particular step because by rinsing, you may have to add a layer of natural oil, which may not be effective in general.
  • Use disposable gloves, put on goggles and apply vinegar throughout your scalp and hair
  • Then you should use shampoo or product with salicylic acid and place it on your head. Leave the mixture on your scalp for the next half an hour with a shower cap
  • The next step you should do is to rinse everything and remove the mixture from the hair.
  • Use the Aloe Rid or other detoxification shampoo that will help you prevent inflammation while removing toxins from your scalp and hair
  • After rinsing, use shampoo again and rinse it again.
  • Afterward, you should place the liquid laundry detergent through your hair, which can be uncomfortable and lead to successful detoxification.
  • You should rinse it entirely after finishing the process

We recommend you repeat these steps at least three times before the screening.

Even though we cannot provide you scientific studies that this particular method is effective, you should know that numerous online statements of people that have tried it have been successful.

You should check online for positive feedback to determine the best course of action. Generally, it will not cause as significant damage as other methods, but you should still use natural oils to ensure that your hair returns to its proper shine and shape.