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Why Hair Transplant in Jaipur to Get the best Aesthetic Effect of the Procedure

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The hair transplant procedure is a technique of shifting or changing the location of hair roots from the donor portion into the recipient one in such a manner that the patient gets a head full of hair with full of aesthetic concern and the natural effect. The procedure of hair restoration must be done by the expert & experienced hair transplant surgeon as the surgery requires the 60% artistic job, whereas only 40% of the scientific concerns. It is a practical approach to the procedure that a Surgeon should practiced the genuine technique to fulfill the hair grafts requirement as it is the technique, which decides the strength as well as the success of the hair transplant procedure in terms of a number of hair grafts.

How Jaipur becomes the Global hub for the hair Transplant Procedure?

Jaipur, the capital of the state, Rajasthan is popularly named as the Pink City of India is a well-known tourist attraction as the city is blessed with the royal historical beauty at every corner of their route, direction and building as well. Apart from their tourist interest point for roaming in the city, it also occupies a prime place for the medical tourism in India.

According to the medical survey, the medical tourism in India has increased by around 80% from last 9-10 years and now it is a global destination for the cosmetic surgery procedure as the city have many well-reputed Doctors & surgeons who has a worldwide reputation & recognized in terms of giving the best aesthetic result of the hair transplant procedure.

The attraction of Jaipur in the Perspective of Medical Tourism:

World’s best Surgeons/Doctor

There are many Doctors or Surgeons who have a worldwide acceptance and recognition for giving the 100% natural outcomes of the treatment in terms of the hair transplant in Jaipur. The Surgeons are highly qualified and have expert knowledge and skills in order to perform the best hair transplant procedure. It is very important from the surgeon’s side that they must able to perform the utmost aesthetic hair transplant procedure with following the precise and natural hairline design that matched with the patient’s age, sex and gender and looks like as natural as the original. Some of the hair transplant Surgeon of Jaipur is an active member of the ISHRS, ISAPS, etc.., which is a parameter of their quality and expertise, assures about the best hair transplant treatment in India.

The Easiest, cost of the Procedure

The cost of hair transplant in India, especially in the Jaipur is based on the number of grafts, which is considered to be the fairest one since the per graft cost is ranging between Rs.25 to 120 INR/. The procedure cost applicable in the Western world countries like the USA, UK and Europe is very much higher as compared to India and this is the prime factor, which makes a turn-on option for the patient to join India for the medical tourism option. The cost concerns is a call on an option and most of the people firstly thinks on this factor before going to choose any option or service in their life. With the perspective of other associated factors, the role of practice, technique, the grade of baldness, the desired density as well as the reputation of a Surgeon & Clinic also play a pivotal in putting the cost of the hair transplant procedure.

Dual benefit of the tourism plus Medical concerns

The city, Jaipur is famous as one of the best tourist spots in India and every year many foreigners used to come to India to roam in this palace city. They get benefitted by the pink journey of Jaipur as well as take the benefits of the medical tourism as well. The Cosmetic & Plastic surgery arena in on bloom in this city as the service is provided by the World’s best Surgeons & Doctors.


On the whole, we can say that the Jaipur has dual aspect of tourism as the concerns of medical as well as the tourist interest are both interlinked with this Pink city of India and tourists/patients from all over the World used to come to Jaipur to get benefited by both these aspects and take the advantages of the best Cosmetic & Plastic Surgery, especially the hair transplant in India.