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Hair Loss Can be Prevented with Few Measures After Taking Steroids

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There are various anabolic steroids available in the market. Not all have immense side effects. Every body responds differently to every steroid. Few of the androgenic steroids help in controlling hormonal imbalance while others show side effects of hair loss.

Every man has a different pattern of hair baldness. Some men see thinning of hair at hair line while some see it at the crown as well. If we educate ourselves in this matter, it is going to help us tremendously in the future before taking steroids.

Steroids and loss of hair go hand in hand. It is the most general side effect faced by majority of athletes. Generally, people do not take it seriously as they don’t consider hair loss to be a medical ailment. Most men think that some day they will lose hair with age, so this is not a serious matter.

Anabolic steroid shrinks’ hair follicles, which not only allow hair loss, but in future even if the hair grows they will be weak, thin and less in number. Eventually hair stops growing and you are left with limited options.

However, doctors say that there are medicines that stop male pattern baldness. There are many medicines that are good options to increase growth in hair and prevent testosterone to influence baldness.

  • Minoxidil
  • Finsteride
  • Azelex
  • Proscar
  • N2Shampoo

Testosterone is a male hormone that helps in developing hair in the body and brings depth in voice. With age this testosterone reduces thus increasing hair loss, weak muscles and less sex drive. To increase muscles, males’ take orally or inject steroids at a younger age.

This increases the level of testosterone, but the moment you stop steroids they rapidly decrease as well. If you try to change any natural pattern, you face certain side effects. Thus, hair follicles start shrinking and stops hair growth.

Hair loss is not the only side effect of taking steroids. That is why doctors break the cycle of consumption of steroids. They also prescribe post cycle therapy to avoid massive destruction in the body.

Also there are other alternatives to illegal steroids. Hair transplant is the best option to overcome baldness. Doctors would pluck hair from other parts of the scalp and replace it in the bald areas. Some people say, baldness due to steroids is a myth. Any person, who has male pattern baldness syndrome will suffer from baldness no matter how much he tries to treat it.

However, males who fear hair loss, should always consult their doctors, who might have other medicines that can be taken with steroids.