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Five Best Practices For Exfoliating

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One of the most vital steps in any skin care regimen is exfoliating. This often neglected skin care step is a must no matter if you have dry or oily skin.

Exfoliating is the process of sloughing off the outer layer of the skin’s surface to rid of dead skin cells and dry patches. Although a simple step, this skin care practice needs proper execution to get to the best results you could ever achieve.

Here are five tips for a better exfoliating experience.

  1. There Is Such A Thing As Over Scrubbing

The term less is more is appropriate in the practice of exfoliating. Never over scrub your face, especially if you have sensitive skin, as this will irritate it further.

For dry skin, exfoliate once a week and twice a week for oily skin.

  1. Stick To Gentle Exfoliants

There are over-the-counter facial scrubs that contain potent ingredients that can be harmful to your skin. Other times, it’s the microbeads that are quite harsh for your complexion.

When buying a scrub for the first time, consider those with natural ingredients that are labeled gentle. Another thing, try looking for a scrub designed for your skin type for best results.

  1. Consider A Skin-Care Brush

Skin-care brushes have been a hit over the past few years. This practice is one of the most effective beauty treatments in Brisbane, both at home and professionally. It offers a deep-clean exfoliation without the tiny beads of an actual scrub if you’re ever not a fan of those.

There are now both manual and electric skin-care brushes available in the market with various shapes and bristles so you can choose which one you feel will work best for you. On a daily basis, it’s best to use a gentle brush head, and swap to a brush head meant for scrubbing at least once a week.

  1. Or Use A Washcloth

Since skin-care brushes can be quite expensive, especially the electric ones, you can opt for a cheaper alternative in the form of a washcloth. If you have sensitive skin, a washcloth will work best on you as its natural fibers are gentler than the synthetic ones present in most brush heads.

Just use your favorite cleanser together with a clean washcloth and scrub as you would normally. Remember to clean the washcloth thoroughly every after use and hang it dry.

  1. Get A Professional Treatment

If exfoliating at home is not something you’re comfortable or confident with, consider booking a professional treatment. Getting a professional exfoliation provides quicker results especially if you are suffering from a severe skin issue like acne, hyperpigmentation, and others.

If you have incredibly oily skin, you can try a salicylic chemical peel Brisbane from The Facial Hub for a professional exfoliation that can clear up breakouts and minimize the shine on your face. For dry skin, consult for a hydrating exfoliating treatment instead.

Final Words

Exfoliating your skin does not have to be a complicated ordeal. You can enjoy this skin care process as long as you follow the right steps and do it at the right time. Take into consideration your skin type and be sure to use the proper products suitable for your complexion.

Of course, be aware of how your skin reacts and consult a professional when needed.