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Dental Implants – What Determines Your Candidacy for the Procedure

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Missing teeth can lead to a multitude of dental problems while also shattering your confidence. It also brings changes to your speech, create difficulties while eating, and even alter your facial appearance. One of the proven dental solutions for missing teeth is dental implants in Melbourne. They have great success rates and are easy to use for anyone.

Dental implants include a Titanium based root that would be placed into your jaw bone. They are then capped with artificial teeth that not just look like in natural teeth but function like one as well. Even though a majority of patients are compatible with dental implants, you still need to make sure if you are a good candidate for obtaining the treatment. Here are the requirements to be a good candidate of dental implants:

Sufficient Jawbone Density:

In order to ensure that the dental implants procedure is successful and that it delivers the required result, you will need to have a strong and healthy jawbone. Without adequate jaw bone density, it is likely that the dental implants would fail. This could, however, be resolved with an additional procedure called bone grafting that adds to the dental implants cost in Melbourne. With this procedure, it is possible to integrate dental implants as expected.

Good Overall Health:

Any patient who has satisfactory overall health will be a good candidate for dental implants. If you have any condition such as uncontrolled diabetes, or are going through prescribed medications, it could probably impact the healing process after the procedure. Talk to the dental professional and discuss about your condition to know if you are a good candidate.

Follow Proper Oral Hygiene:

Anyone who is committed to follow the recommended oral hygiene habits will be highly likely to be a good candidate for cheap dental implants in Melbourne. This includes brushing twice a day, flossing daily, and making regular appointments with their dentist. Proper dental care will also ensure that your dental implants will last for years. Also, make sure to refrain from smoking and using tobacco to secure your oral and overall health.

Healthy Gums:

Patients with inflated or infected gums will not notice the required results from dental implants. Gum problems could slow down healing, and may also cause tooth loss. With periodontal treatment, you could not just resolve the gum problems, but can also ensure a successful dental implant procedure.

Consult with a dental implant specialist and discuss about your missing tooth problems as well as your health. During the initial consultation, the expert will assess your condition, let you know if you are a good candidate, and talk about the dental implants cost in Melbourne. If you aren’t a good candidate, appropriate solutions will be recommended by them to you for obtaining the treatment.