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What is meant by beaker bongs?

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A beaker water pipe is a traditional style that features a wide bottom and smooth smoke. Compared to the straight tube version, beaker pipes are sturdier and are less likely to get knocked off by the cat. Beakers are much better than straight tube ones when it comes to holding water and producing more smoke. They also have a base that allows for larger hits. Perc-friendly beaker bongs have plenty of room for these tiny devices, which are commonly used for filtration. The beaker and bubble bongs, as well as other non-metal bottomed water pipes, have more variety in their designs due to how they use more surface area. Some of these also feature rings, lip, or flared bases to increase their stability.

Now, you can look out for the best selection of water pipes and buy beaker bongs from the curated selection. We have water pipes and beaker bongs that are both simple and complex, and you can find them all here.

Points to consider while buying beaker bongs 

Before you buy a Beaker Bong, it is important to do some research to ensure that it’s the best one for you. 


There is a wide range of sizes of beaker pots available, ranging from small to large. It is important to note that the size of your pot should be considered when it comes to using it.

Glass thickness

Generally, the thicker glass is the stronger it will be, making it heavier and less portable. We use various types of glass for our beaker pots, such as borosilicate or scientific glass. These are both thick and robust enough to make thick beaker bases. For those who prefer thick glass, our GRAV beaker pot is a good choice.

Down stem

A removable down stem is a great alternative to a fixed one, as it allows you to replace them whenever they need to be cleaned.

Ice catcher

A small notch located in the neck of your beaker pot allows you to keep an ice cube inside. As smoke passes through the ice, its temperature will get lowered, which will provide the user with the most enjoyable smoke experience.


The beaker pots come with percs included, which are designed to provide additional filtration. These allow users to enjoy the best possible smoke experience. They also look incredibly good both when used and resting. Percolators usually come in various shapes and sizes, such as a matrix, inline, or honeycomb. Hence, these are a few things that you should consider before you buy beaker bongs for your usage.