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Major reasons for baldness in men and methods to deal with it

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Baldness and hair loss is common in men and women across the globe and there are several reasons behind this. Baldness and excessive hair loss can lead to loss of confidence, beauty, and personality of the individual and hence it is important to prevent and treat baldness at the earliest. Male pattern baldness is also known as androgenic alopecia which is quite common amongst people of age group 50 and above. So if you are also suffering from male pattern baldness or want to avoid it, then you must first analyze its causes and understand the possible treatments for this condition.

Causes of hair loss in men

In most cases, male pattern baldness is caused due to genetic issue or a family history of baldness. This type of baldness in men is also related with one of the male sex hormones known as androgens. This hormone is primarily involved in regulating the hair growth in men. If you are suffering from male pattern baldness then your normal hair growth cycle is disrupted and the hair follicle shrinks thereby producing finer and shorter hair strands.

In some cases, the hair growth cycle ends and no new hair grows leading to baldness. Baldness should not be ignored as it can be associated with thyroid conditions, cancers and side effects of some medications or anabolic steroids. Male pattern baldness is characterized by the hair loss beginning at the crown of the head or the temples. It can also be patchy hair loss or formation of an M shape on the scalp.

Effective hair loss treatments

Here are the top two hair loss treatment options that work for most men. Try these methods to treat baldness with effective results.

  1. Propecia or Finasteride – The chemical is the best option when it comes to hair loss treatment. There are tons of user reviews that mention that this drug is super effective for male pattern baldness. Hardly 1% of the users mention that it has side effects like erectile dysfunction or loss of libido but in many cases, it is due to psychological reasons. Propecia works by suppressing the production of DHT in the body. It is recommended to take this medication according to doctor’s prescription.
  1. Rogaine or Minoxidil – Second in the list of hair loss treatments is Minoxidil. It widens the blood vessels leading to an increased supply of oxygen and nutrients in the area where it is applied. It is available in the form of foam, liquid or topical solution.

Try out these amazing hair loss treatments and you will surely benefit from them. However, it is not recommended to use these medicines without a doctor’s prescription as it can cause harmful effects on your body. Thus, it is best advised to consult your doctor to analyze your health conditions and seek his guidance before using these treatment methods.