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Eazol – Pain Relief Supplement

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Joint pain is a common problem with a number of possible causes. In many instances it is a result of injury or arthritis. The condition becomes more common with age.  Eazol is an FDA approved homeopathic pain reliever. It is made from natural herbal extracts that reduce joint and muscle pains. It addresses the problems of people that have been long suffering from joint pains.

What are the Active ingredients in Eazol?

White Willow (Salix Species): This was used in Ancient China. Salicin was extracted from the bark of the White Willow and used as a pain and fever reliever. The Salicin when ingested transforms into salicylic acid – which makes aspirin in modern medicine. In Eazol the salicylic acid reduces the levels of prostaglandins in the body which manages chronic pain, headaches, and arthritis pain.

Boswellia (Boswellia Serrata): It is native in India where it was used for pain relief. Boswellia Serrata is the anti-inflammatory agent in Eazol. This brings about soothing pain caused by symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis.

Lobelia (Lobelia Inflata) – Lobelia grows in North America. It was discovered by Matthias de Lobel in the 17th Century. The leaves were chewed or dried and smoked as a stimulant. The roots were used to treat syphilis. In Eazol, Lobelia relaxes muscle tension, treats depression, and controls the nervous system. It also contains essential vitamins A and C.

Dosage and how it work?

Eazol works by repairing damaged body tissue through a combined analgesia and anti-inflammatory effect.

The manufacturers recommended dosage is two capsules immediately after meals. This dosage depends on age and gender of patient. Taking the capsules after a meal decreases the chances of side effects. Use plain water to swallow the tablets which must be stored in cool dry areas at room temperature and away from children and pets.

What are the benefits of Eazol pain relief?

This supplement has calming effect on pain and reduces muscle and nervous tension. Other benefits include:

  • Pain relief without side effects.
  • It eases mobility and decreases joint stiffness
  • It reliefs stiff neck, sore shoulder and creaky knee.
  • It is fast acting.
  • It is FDA registered

Who can take this product?

Considering the fact that this product has no side effects, and is essential for the proper functioning and maintenance of the general body system which is needed by everyone, so, everybody can take the product.

Are there Side effects?

Slight nausea is the only reported adverse reaction of this supplement. They are short lived and will usually disappear after an hour or two.Eazol has great safety if taken according to the recommended dosage.

Conclusion and Recommendation

Everybody dreams of living a healthy and disease free life.In line with these, the product is 100% natural and has minimal if any side effects. To enjoy the health benefits, it is important to invest and add the supplement to your daily dietary needs. There are few companies that offer Eazol Free Trial deals and money back guarantees when to give the customers an opportunity to test the supplement. A couple of the places you can claim the free trial offers are Try Free Club  & FreeTrial.Shop