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11 Excellent Tips To Have Beautiful And Comfortable Breasts After Breast Reduction Surgery

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Breast reductions surgery when paired with a beast lift makes a wonderful and popular combination. Here are tips that are worth knowing before you undergo the surgery.

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1. The Sooner the Better

If you are postponing your breast reduction surgery for some reason like fear, doubt or anything else, don’t! Do it as soon as you can and you will feel wonderful.

You can watch results of someone like Dr Naveen Somia’s breast reduction Sydney and how their patients feel and you will be encouraged because these patients experience a great relief from their previous pain in neck, shoulders and back.

They also experience a great confidence and they can actually feel the difference after the surgery that is so pleasing. Their posture is also improved a lot.

2. Check with Your Surgeons Regarding When Your Drains will be Removed

It may be completely unexpected and nice if your drains are removed just the day after your surgery. Ask your doctor when he would do that because if you know that he will pull it soon, you can double up your pain medications.

If you are sensitive, don’t watch while he pulls it out. It may hurt a little and you may feel a little dizzy; but that may happen due to your medications and lack of food.

3. It Hurts during Stitch Removal

Your stitches may be removed from your nipples at around two weeks after the procedure. This will hurt quite a lot, so better take heavy doses of pain medications after consulting your doctor.

4. Massage can be a Life-saver

Also after consulting your doctor, you can use vitamin E oil to massage your breasts two weeks after the surgery. This will help you a lot with the extremely flaky and dry skin on the breasts.

However, massage very gently and patiently. With proper massage, your scars will remain hardly visible, with no red or raised areas. You can even use the oil to massage your entire body.

5. Choose a Smooth Route to Return to Home

While returning to home after the surgery, you should choose a less bumpy road because every bump can cause a pain in the operated area. Also better keep a pillow in your car which you can place under the seatbelt that will go across your chest.

6. Don’t Purchase Bras Beforehand

Purchasing bras of new measurements before the surgery may be a wrong idea because until you are totally healed and the swelling is relieved, you get no idea of your final size. So, wait for some weeks before buying bras.

7. Prepare Your Husband for the Post-op Scene

If your husband is not prepared for how your breasts will look post-op, he may get a bit of shock and horror to see your stitches and incisions that are swollen, bruised and bloody! You may console him that all this will go after some time.

8. Your Breasts may Become Weird to Look at but Only for a While

Don’t get freaked out if your breasts will look a bit boxy post-op. They will settle and drop after a while.

9. Avoid Heavy Lifting

This is VERY IMPORTANT! Never try to lift something heavy or perform workout for the first month post-op. After a month, you can take your doctor’s permission and start exercising without any problem.

10. Never Scratch Your Nipples

Remember that your nipples will have scabs around them and there will be irresistible itching which you should avoid, otherwise it will start bleeding. To avoid scratching in sleep, cover the breasts with a thick cloth.

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11. Wear Surgical Bras for the First Six Months

Surgical bras will help you a lot in recovering from the surgery and Set featured imagegetting better results. Buy at least three. Don’t wear underwire bras for four months at least.

Remember these tips and you will have comfortable and beautiful breasts with the help of an expert like cosmetic surgeon in Bondi, Dr. Naveen Somia.