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Fenphedra Reviews

Fenfedra is a weight reduction supplement that is catered specifically for women who want to lose weight.


The official website of this product claims that it is a “chemically altered diet pill” and says that they have found the secret behind the most effective way to lose weight long term.


However, it is necessary to note that Fenphedra does not contain Ephedra, Phentermine, Hydrocodone, or any other banned substance. Although its name may be misleading, Fenphedra is not a combination of these illegal elements.

In fact, the reason why the manufacturers of this product have chosen to name it as such is because Fenphedra brings all the benefits of these illegal substances in terms of weight loss, but without their harmful side effects.


Also, there is nothing on the website regarding any particular fitness scheme or diet plan needed to accompany the use of this pill.


Ingredients Of Fenfedra

Fenphedra is a simple blend of just 5 ingredients:


Dicaffeine malate - 200 mg

Chocamine - 200 mg

PEA - 20 mg

Synephrine HCL - 20 mg

Humulus lupulus - 20 mg

How It Works ?

One of the ingredients that make Fenphedra so effective is Phenylethylamine or PEA. This substance does not only give its users a natural high but it also provides them with an energy boost that may come in handy during the final few repetitions of an exhausting workout. A similar substance that also creates the same effect for the users is Synephrine, which is also present in Fenphedra.


This ingredient comes from a Chinese fruit and is also able to suppress the appetite and fight fat. Chocamine is another important aspect of Fenphedra that gives a number of benefits for its users. Chocamine is a cocoa plant extract and is famous for building one’s endurance.


One of the more interesting ingredients found in Fenphedra is Humulus Lupus. This substance provides its user with a mild high which is succeeded by a pleasant feeling of calmness. Not only is this element scientifically proven to address nervous irritability, but it also has the capability to relieve pain as it is sometimes used as an anti-inflammatory drug.

Benefits Of Fenfedra

Like most diet pills available in the market today Fenphedra also facilitates weight loss among its users through a combination of three components—appetite suppression, fat burning, and boosting of energy levels. All three are essential to achieve one’s desired body weight.


However, what sets this product apart is its ability to increase the level of effectiveness of all three aspects without compromising the other; this means that all three elements are equally highly effective. Most drugs focus on one aspect alone and sometimes, the level of effectiveness of one or two of the other aspects go down.


There are some testimonials on the website that claim that they have lost as much as 7 pound in just 2 and a half days after using Fenphedra.

Possible Side Effects Of Fenfedrawpf5013b5b.png

A dubious aspect about Fenphedra is the fact that there is no information whatsoever regarding the manufacturers of the product. There is also no list of ingredients available which means users will have no idea what substances they’re taking in.


Moreover, this product is also not recommended for people under the age of 18, which translates to the fact that Fenphedra is a very potent drug.


Fenphedra is directed to be taken half an hour before breakfast and lunch, but not during the evening. Some may speculate that this is because one possible side effect of this drug is having too much stimulants that being able to sleep may become problematic.  

Fenfedra Facts

1) Lack of Company Information - The official website of Fenphedra does not reveal the name of the manufacturer, company information and company address. The website does not even list a phone number. The only way to contact Fenphedra is via email. And for a company that claims to be so forthright and honest, it's interesting that there are no additional contact details!


2) No "before and after" Testimonials - Official website of Fenphedra do not use doctored "before and after" photos.





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