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Some Ephedrasil users have reported mild side effects:








Ephedrasil Reviews


For those who are looking to burn fat and lose weight quickly, then Ephedrasil may be a good product to try out. This pill is a typical appetite suppressant that also claims to pack mood-enhancing elements for its users.


It has been in the middle of much controversy because of the fact that apparently, the formula used to create Ephedrasil is so potent that it is barely able to pass the requirements of becoming prescription drugs.


Nonetheless, it has been deemed as 100% legal in the United States and a lot of people who have used this dietary supplement, have shared their testimonies on the effectiveness of this product.

Ingredients of Ephedrasil

Ephedrasil can be bought from its official website or eBay. The smallest bottle contains 120 capsules and is retailed at $69.00, while one has to shell out $249.00 for a 600-capsule bottle.

Among the many ingredients found in Ephedrasil, there are a number that are tried and tested in terms of their ability to help the body burn fat. Aside from green tea and l-tyrosine, the primary ingredient in Ephedrasil that makes it such an effective weight loss pill is phenylethylamine or PEA. This element is an endogenous Amphetamine, which means that it is truly effective in suppressing the user’s appetite.


Moreover, this element also gives its users an energy boost to help in their exercise routines, as well as improve their moods because of its Anti Depressant Affects.


Ephedrasil also contains other ingredients that increase mental performance of users such as ginseng, glucuronolactone, gingko biloba, and St. John’s Wort. These elements help keep the user’s mind sharp to be able to motivate them to lose more weight while providing them with a positive mood.     

Ephedrasil is a lose weight quickly type of diet pill. It is recommended for people who need to lose weight in a short period of time. Moreover, the ingredients present in Ephedrasil make it an effective dietary supplement even if one is not looking to lose weight.


As mentioned earlier, Ephedrasil contains a lot of ingredients that affect the user’s mood. This means that it is not only effective in helping the user lose weight, but it also helps them have a more positive general outlook. Some users claim that they use Ephedrasil whenever they are feeling down as the product makes them feel better about themselves as well as making them more sociable.

How Ephedrasil Works?


Possible Side Effects

Although Ephedrasil’s legality has been put into question, some claim that this is merely a marketing strategy used by its creators. A lot of people say that the elements found in Ephedrasil are not at all “borderline” in terms of their legality.

Nonetheless, this product still has its fair share of side effects that users should look out for.


People using monoamine oxidase inhibitors or MAOIs should steer clear of this product as mixing the two drugs may have some negative side effects on the user’s health. The presence of considerable levels of caffeine in Ephedrasil may also lead to users becoming restless for those sensitive to it.


Lastly, some users also claim that because of the presence of endogenous Amphetamines, there have been instances wherein they experience “crashes” or “lows” that succeed their enhanced moods.

Ephedrasil Facts

1) Lack of Company Information - The Ephedrasil website site does not include the name of the manufacturer, company information and company address. The website does not even list a phone number. The only way to contact Ephedrasil is via email. The detail is important because if you want to contact Ephedrasi regarding the products, you can’t do it at anytime. Only one email is provided and definitely you won’t know when they will answer your email. And for a company that claims to be so forthright and honest, it's interesting that there are no additional contact details!


2) No "before and after" Testimonials - Official website of Ephedrasil do not use doctored "before and after" photos.




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